yes-magazine- cover-1967 Friday, May 22nd, 2015. And it has to be Yes!

Yes was an annual magazine produced by students from the combined universities with proceeds going to charity. This is from 1967 and is its 4th issue. We did an extract from issue 2 a couple of months back (view here).
It is always interesting to see what the editors and writers of some of our featured magazines and fanzines went on to do. Have a look, for example, at our post on Almost News and the fate of its writers.

With Yes, its editor, Nicholas Kearns, would later become president of the High Court of Ireland. Kearns, along with Henry Bell, interviewed Ronnie Drew – and we’ve scanned and posted the full interview below along with some other pages. staff-team-yes-nicky-kearns editorialesso advert 1967asbestos-1967 jack-lynchronnie-drew-1967 ¬† ronnie4pix ronnie1 ronnie2ronnie3ronnie4ronnie5

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  1. oh my…the asbestos cement … dear mickie most died of exposure to that when he was ripping out walls to upgrade his RAK studio, where he recorded mud,hot chocolate,CCS,and suzi quatro.

  2. I didn’t know that about Mickie’s death. Terrible. I grew up listening and loving all all his RAK records.

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