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Slane 1982 – Rolling Stones – pics by Derek Speirs

Rolling Stones Gig at Slane Castle, July 24th, 1982.  Also on the bill that day were the Chieftains.
All photos by Derek Speirs – scanned by Brand New Retro from Magill Magazine, August 1982.


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  1. the end of a dream…the year jagger took to wearing jane fonda gymnasium tights on stage …keith wasn’t happy about that apparently…and just look at those grim security men…i’d ride the three at the front,but i wouldn’t have them stay over for sugar puffs in the morning.


  2. I seem to remember seeing a photo of Michael D Higgins at this published in one of the papers at the time he was sworn in as president,have looked but it dosen’t seem to be online.


  3. I seem to remember travelling to this gig on the back of a vegetable truck. We went down to George’s, a disreputable pub on the quays (now closed ) to pick up stray passengers and then sang our way across West St. Mick Jagger was a bit of a anti-climax after all that hilarity. Having said that it was the only time I ever paid into Slane (we Drawda people knew all the sneaky ways in over the walls) cos I thought it was a historic moment to see Mick. But you’re right about the Jane Fonda leotard Mary.


  4. I am 52 now and it was the first time to see them.Except for the day my kids were born it was the greatest day of my life. I fxxxing love that band.they brought colour light and all kinds of possibilities to my at the time grey life.I have seen them 9 times since, to me they are the best they invented something


    • Ps when my son as born and I got him home from the hospital I made sure that the first song he heard was jumpin Jack flash. Followed by raglan rd luke Kelly. He hasn’t looked back .


      • Hi John is that John Doyle of In dublin vintage?

        It’s Peter kavanagh former film reviewer. Hope all good. I’ve been London based for 30 years post a Belfast sojourn. Get in touch on my corny Aol:


  5. I grew up in a household where my parents would go to bed early to listen to Radio Luxembourg under the sheets so we couldn’t hear them sing along to the latest hits and get the words wrong on purpose just to piss us, their 6 kids, off. This behaviour led to us all leaving home to seek our fortunes in the big city but we were so traumatised by our parents rock and roll attitude that we ended up in crack houses and opium dens down on Main Street. Today, as I look back I can honestly hint at The Rolling Stones for the life of debauchery I have, like, totally enjoyed and know that we it wasn’t for Mick and the boys I may have gone astray a lot later than I did and missed a barrel more full of fun for my sins.


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