Timetable booklet for all CIE Expressway bus routes. 1983
illustrator not credited – scanned by Brand New Retro

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  1. Yeah, good old CIE. June 1983, eh? In July ’83 me and a mate got back into Limerick on the bus from west Clare (we’d been at the end of the Willy Clancy festival in Milltown Malbay) and missed the last train back to Dublin by about 5 or 10 minutes. Then we discovered that it was actually scheduled to arrive at that time, it wasn’t just late. Scheduled. To. Arrive. 10. Mins. After. The. Last. Train. And this was back when they were still all the one company. Well, I suppose if we’d bought the timetable we’d have discovered that but who’d have bothered, even if it was only less than a third of the price of a pint.

    So we hitched, and got to the far side of Nenagh by about 11. We were going to put up the tent at the side of the road and go to the pub when a bloke in a van gave us a lift, all the way back to Dublin. I got dropped at O’Connell Bridge at about 4 in the morning and walked back out to Ranelagh. It was a lovely hot summer, that one.

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