almost news drogheda magazine 1980s covers of 2 issues

Many years after fanzines  Too Late & the subsequent Jump hit the streets in Dundalk, our neighbours in Drogheda produced a ‘monthly magazine’ in 1985 called Almost News. I have issues 1 & 2 both from early 1985. (see front covers above) I believe one further issue may have been published.

A lot of the people involved with it have gone on to much better things. Tony Clayton-Lea (now with the Irish Times) was editor, assisted by Shane Harrison (now with BBC) & Kelly Fincham (now a US college professor in journalism), Arthur Mathews (Fr Ted, Alan Partridge, Hippies, Fast Show & more) was design editor,  Paul Eustace (later worked for UK style maga i-D) and Enda Murray (now in Australia & at the time a helpful guru on the local music scene) were some of the others involved.

Between our own fanzines and groups (NRG, Scheme & Choice) we would have had some earlier dealings with Tony & Enda.  Something which fits in nicely with the mood of this blog is this beautiful short piece on YouTube by Enda which celebrates Drogheda, his late mother and cakes.

A number of the cartoon characters created by Arthur & published in Almost News, like Trendy Trevor & Dan the Pints Man, were later featured in another publication Gakbag Comic. I have a copy of Gakbag so I’ll do more on it in a future post. But for now, here are links to open a selection of scanned pages from Almost News.

Dan the Pints –  Cartoon strip – Arthur Matthews
dan the pints man artuhur mathews almost newsTonight Clubbing  –  Review of night club in White Horse Hotel – issue 1 (p1 of 2)


Balgrangetullyfeckin Gaels  comedy – from issue 2.

Working Holiday in the Sun  Advice for students heading off to work abroad- Enda Murray

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  1. Great to see our work finally get some recognition…..only took 26 years!

  2. Paul Eustace also went on to art direct UK Vogue and then Tatler in New York. Great to see the contents of your attic Dougie!

    1. Thanks Alastair, I didn’t know. These Drogheda folk all seem to have subsequently done well in the media world!

  3. Hi there,

    Tony Clayton-Lea here – amazing that Almost News is here. There were two more issues published, and I have spare copies if you’d like to have them?

    1. That would be great Tony. Will send you email. Thanks

  4. I love this website! (And not just because I’m occasionally mentioned…)

    1. thanks for posting Arthur. Love that you love it! **chuffed**

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