One of the first posts on BrandNewRetro was about Almost News, a monthly magazine from Drogheda, when we took a look at its first two issues and remarked on its interesting set of contributors.
 Tony Clayton-Lea (now with the Irish Times) was editor, assisted by Shane Harrison (now with BBC) & Kelly Fincham (now a US college professor in journalism). Arthur Mathews (Fr Ted, Alan Partridge, Hippies, Fast Show & more) was design editor,  Paul Eustace (later worked for UK style mag i-D) and Enda Murray (now in Australia & at the time a helpful guru on the local music scene) were some of the others involved.
Back then, I was unsure whether there were any more issues.  It turns out there were 2 more and I’m very grateful to Tony Clayton Lea, editor of the mag, who recently forwarded them to me.  That’s the cover of issue 3 above, below is the cover of issue 4 along with a selection of pages I’ve scanned from both mags.

The magazines stylist was Arthur Mathews who also contributed 2 comic strips (see  more below)


Indep. Politician Frank Godfrey
richard crowley favourite things
RTE Newsreader Richard Crowley

nightclub dance factory drogheda 1985
dance factory

trendy trevor arthur mathews
Trendy Trevor

dan the pints man by Arthur Mathews
Dan – pints man

ye olde Drogheda 1/2

ye olde  2/2

dorian mood 1985
Dorian Mood

Springsteen 1/3

springsteen 2/3

springsteen 3/3

F Godfrey 1/3

F Godfrey 2/3

F Godfrey 3/3

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