10 shillings or 10 bob equates to 50p sterling following decimalisation in Feb, 1971.
50p in 1970 converted to todays value = £11! (via average earnings index)

From New Spotlight December 1970

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  1. I thought 5/8 (42 cent in today’s money) was enough to pay for a single in the mid sixties (27/6 or €1.75 today for an LP). The good thing is that I still have them – The Rolling Stones, The Byrds, Bob Dylan, Emmylou Harris, Kate & Anna McGarrigle, The Everly Brothers, The Beach Boys….
    About 1990 daughter came home from school and told us of a new song her class was learning (teacher had the words and music). I was able to send her to school the next day with an audio tape of the original Seekers recording to the teacher’s delight. AM

    1. Thanks Alan, Old money, eh! You know, I think I almost like my 45s more than my 33s.

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