steve-highway-focusadvert-boots-copy steveh2 Steve Heighway received 34 caps for Ireland during the 1970s. A late starter to professional football, he held a university degree and only joined Liverpool FC from a non league club when he was 22. He scored 50 goals for Liverpool from 329 appearances. And of course we had Steve Heighway Crisps.  I can’t remember if they were a Tayto, Perri or some other brand but they were popular with us for a couple of years in the early 70s. It mush have been the crisps which inspired our favourite artist Jinx Lennon to name check Steve in his Men Who Saved the Face of Football… (listen here) We’ve scanned the Focus On from Shoot, May 1972. The Heighway Code page is also scanned from an earlier Shoot in June 1971. A collection of Heighway highlights below on youtube

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  1. there used to be a story that when Liverpool went to China the Chinese laid on a tour of the Great Wall and Steve Highway (having an edumacation) was the only Liverpool player who went on the tour. The others stayed by the pool. Of course I am relating this story in 2015 and I probably heard it around 1972 so I cannot attest to its accuracy. I wonder did Liverpool ever even go to China?

  2. Always looked up to Steve as a kid, despite being a Man U fan ! Maybe because he was Irish and I always loved watching wingers.

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