This is the first post in BrandNewRetro that is not retro. It is now and happening, it is Ireland’s finest artist Jinx Lennon.
A Jinx gig is something you must experience.  Upcoming gigs in Dublin & Cork on 26th & 27th May.
“Hungry Bastard Hibernia”, his new album, a compilation of tracks that didn’t make it on to his previous 33s,  is now available for FREE download on Bandcamp.   More @

I’ve listed,on the left, my most played 25 Jinx Tracks. 

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  1. Interesting list, Doug.

    Some other contenders could be the outstanding “ballad” Centipede and the fiery Neo-Fenian Rap(aree) of “The Lookout Posts of Forkhill”.

    And an honourable mention for the greatest drinking come-all-ye ever written – Feed of Drink!

    1. Cheers Jake! Its a mistake that Lookout Posts of Forkhill isn’t there!- would be in his top 5.

      1. No Jake, your mistake. Forkhill is listed….. half way down the page.

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