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In the mid 1960s to early 70s, Woman’s Way magazine ran a series of  House of the Month and Year features. We’ve posted a few of these already  (see here) and we’ve scanned this one from their January 1967 issue.

Willow Park Grove is in Dublin 11, is often addressed as Glasnevin, Finglas or, in this case Ballymun and is close to the childhood homes of Gavin Friday and Bono in Cedarwood Road as featured on the recent U2 album Songs of Innocence.

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  1. Wow this brings back so many memories you would not believe I lived not far from there, and the prices, great stuff.

  2. “Navan” carpets and “Crannac” furniture. All made in Ireland. Navan, the furniture capital of Ireland. Not much of that left now. Just wondering what exactly the “Smoker stand” ( a snip at £3/19/6) was? It seems to be the item off to the far right? I do remember the ashtrays on stands where you pushed the top and it opened up and swallowed the ashes & butts. The epitome of cool, 60s-style.

    And the storage heater in the hall, beside the stairs, very much of the era. We had one like that. G.E.C. I think. Come the oil crisis in 73/74 when the electricity prices went through the roof (pun intended) it was used bloody sparingly!

    1. oh yeah. Forgot about those ashtrays that opened up an swallowed the butts. So sophisticated.

  3. I was brought up in Willow Park Grove from 1970 – 1995.. lived in a group of newer houses built on the western end of this road. Great to see this.

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