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Front and back of membership card for Sloopys nightclub, Fleet St, Dublin. Expiry date on card is April 1972.

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Revolution Night Club advert from Man Alive mag 1974
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  1. This is just amazing. I was only talking to my sister recently about our many trips to Sloopys and the good old days. If you were lucky enough to be in some of the pubs in town you might bump into Philip Campbell who always had a supply of entry discount cards.

  2. Thanks Loraine, glad you like it. I had heard about Sloopys but was never in it. I know it was in Fleet St, but do you know if it was previously in D’Olier?

    1. I don’t remember it being in D’Olier Street but I started going there in the mid 70’s.

  3. Dubdoug: was that not the Tara Club in D’Olier St? Beside the Gas company?

    1. I don’t know, I was never in Sloopys or Tara Club (honestly)!!

    2. yeah the tara club was in D”olier street one of us would pay in and then go to the back to a fire door and let the rest of the lads in they never copped on to it they had some good bands there as well as a fairly decent disco

  4. I was never in them either! But I used to get a bus in D’Olier right outside what I’m sure was the Tara. Me and Mickey Duffy (he used to do discos as a DJ – you probably remember him) were refused entry to Sloopys round about 1980, both for being drunk and too young… in no particular order.

  5. sloopys was the for runner of rumours in o,connell street, same guy owned them? rumours from 1980 to 1998, went there all the time, then he started the viper room which is now called gypsy rose, anybody remember top cats/ la mirage,laugh, in parnell street?

    1. Thanks for the info Stephen… looks like you can become our expert on dodgy Dublin night clubs!

      1. there was worse than that , romanoffs beside the gate theatre, napoleons and the ace of clubs in rutland place and going back further mothers in Denmark street and bartons in parnell square and they are just for starters

    2. i remember la mirage it was a dump

    3. Top Cats/ La Mirage was the business. You’d be in top cats till 10pm then down to Mirage till 3am. Great music. The best of memories.

      1. hi ,top cats used to be slings,was a great disco ,1988,89,was 17 at the time .great memo,s

    4. remember them all rumours was the business if you didn’t score there you were history as for la mirage a dump with a capital D

    5. Hi Stephen,

      I’m trying to locate where exactly Mother’s nightclub was.

      Denmark Street? Part of the Belvedere Hotel or separate? Any clues would be of great help.

      1. It may have been the scene night club situated across the road from findelators church Denmark street with bands like Grannies intentions and Thin lizzy performing at weekends

      2. It’s not an actual reply to your thread, but, does anyone remember the 5 club in Harcourt St?

        1. Hi Brenda, yes I remember the 5 club,in its day it was the best beat club in Dublin. Do you remember?

  6. la mirage was dodgy alrite, high chrome stools and wall to wall mirrors, till they turned it into fibbers, role on the early ninties ye ha

  7. Sloopy’s in my day was in d”olier Street. God I loved that place so many memories. It was so IN at the time really the In place in Dublin

    1. Thanks Imelda. There is another post on Sloopys with pictures coming very soon .

    2. Yes, me and my sister use to spend summers in Dublin 71- 74 and yes sloops was it, both D’Olier & Fleet St. Kathleen and Marian Evans, born in Ireland, parents immigrated to Toronto, Canada. Still love Dublin 70s disco scene. Lots of heartfelt memories.

      1. I guess the summers for Kathleen and Marian Evans were 1969 – 72 oops my mistake. Anyways we then visited Dublin again, summers of 77 and 78. Zhivago was fairly popular then.

      2. Hi so you visited Sloopys in D’Olier before it closed and moved late 1970. to Fleet st,1971 That summer I was there then; one of the best years of my life, loved it, I may have even had the odd dance with you…..

  8. Hi folks, Sloopys started in D’Olier Street beside the Gas Co. The Tara Club was a new building
    on the same site as Sloopys some years later in the 70’s. Sloopys was opened in D’Olier St.
    by Michael Ryan & Michael Murphy in 1969 to 1971, and moved to Fleet St. in 71/72.

    I put in the sound system in D’Olier St. and endened up being the DJ there. It was the best
    Club in Dublin at the time and a great place to work. It was also where I met my wife Karen in 1970.
    Still togeather 42 years later.

    Regards to all the old members

    Mike Wright.

    1. Mike also had some Radio Caroline jingles which brought a unique atmosphere to the place and he was also one of the pioneers of Mobile DJ with all the gear in the back of his Green Jag.

    2. Hi,
      I remember going to Sloopy’s in 1970 when I first arrived in Dublin from England, I was invited by Michael Ryan to a party given there for Dana who had just won the Eurovision Song Contest with “All kinds of Everything” I then started the Zhivagio Club with Pat Gibbons who was the manager of the Quinnsworth Supermarket at 15 Baggot Street, he also had permission to rent the upstairs, so we opened it as a Night Club, I then introduced the first Disco lighting to the club, we did a promotion that attracted everybody including Televis Erne, we did their color trade test transmission. the Tara Club was opened by Charly Murphy who was our manager and leader singer of our resident group in the early day’s of Zhivago, the Tara Club was named after Charly’s wife, in those day’s, Monday night was the best night of the week in Zhivago, all of the showbands jammed there because it was their night of from touring the Country.
      The Zhivago Club was truly an International success, we was very strict on the door, with a philosofy that everybody wanted to go where they in thery could not go. The only other but small club in those day’s was the Elisabeth Club, who’s owner I understand later found fame as a DJ and promoter in Marbella,Spain.

      Freddy Bailey-now living in the U.S.A. . .

      1. when i went to zhivagos jim “lugs”brannigan was on the door he once barred me for 2 weeks for calling him lugs i had some good times there though wasnt there a club at the bottom of that lane i think it was still running into the mid nineties but i cannot remember the name of it any ideas what it was called?

      2. Sloopys : That place is etched in my sole, it was the place to be.
        I was in Dublin in 1970-1971, then Dublin had the best night life in Europe. You queued to get in after pubs closed, and it cost 10/6 to get in at the door. (at is 52p to days money). Unlike today you can pay anything up to 70 euros to get into same standard of club.
        The clubs had rules of conduct, and it worked, Believe it or not, they opened at around 10 pm closed 3 am there was no drinking, you asked a girl for a dance, and got 2 fast sets of music, followed by 2 slow dances if she liked you, that’s when you talked, (chatted up) and then may be if lucky she would stay with you for the rest of that night, and got to know each other. Then you got a date meeting her at McBurnnys with in the week , she would introduce you to her friend s, and yours to her, after some time every one was seemed to know each other, it was like one big party, each week end. And you could be with a different girlfriend each month!
        It may sounds dull by today’s standards, but it was anything but dull, that party atmosphere seemed to spread from night club, to night club, Such as Zivagos, Tiffanys, and Star club. Add to that you had some of the best music of our time, and mixed with that bit of Irish crack. Dublin was buzzing.

      3. Sorry to disagree with you Freddy but Charlie did not open the Tara Club. After Zhivago he managed the Revolution for a short time and then opened Good Time Charly’s in O’Connell Street in 1972. And yes, Monday nights were fantastic nights at Zhivago. People thought Charlie was crazy to book Philip and Skid Row to play there but they were a huge hit and were enjoyed by fellow musicians.

        Tara Murphy.( now Cain and living in the U.S.A.)

    3. Hi Mike,

      Not sure what the protocol on this site is as I only came across it today,

      Anyway here goes,

      Are you the Mike Wright from Bath Ave?

      PYE factory in Dundrum

      Sister Helen “ of the white boots”

      Mount Plesant Lawn Tennis Club record hop on Saturday nights mid sixties

      Caffolas on Mespil Road beside Baggot Street bridge for Fish and chips on the
      way home, sometimes sharing with the “Ladys of the Night” before they went on their beat across the canal

      Radio Caroline radio officer mid Sixties

      I could go on and on but maybe you are not that person?

      1. Oh My God, My life has just flasher in frount of me, your 99% correct, London Bridge Road, and Radio Engineer on Caroline. You have the advantage over me, sorry to admit I just can’t place you at the moment, but I know I should and we’re not getting younger.
        Step forward and reveal yourself !!!!!!

        1. I hope its OK to name others here and if it hurts or offends in anyway then I apologise

          This contact is too good to miss

          Anyway to reveal

          Our group comprised of

          Tony Johnson Pembroke Road not the DJ he came later

          David Booth Pembroke Road

          Dessy Barnes Percy Place

          Ken O Brien Percy Place

          Gerry Byrne Percy Place

          Pat Cambell Haddington Road he did the mural on the wall on the way downstairs into the 5 club

          And myself I lived in Ringsend, I am or rather was the one with red hair
          more grey now
          I often walked home with either you or Helen as far as the bridge

          Shall we continue?

          1. Well I’m enjoying the journey so far, so carry on. By the way the only one on your list that I met up with for the first time in 40 years was Ken O’Brien about a year ago. Glad to say he is still the same very funny guy. I wonder if you remember
            Paula Bond and Antoinette both from Harolds Cross who also went to Mountpleasant LTC. I’ve met up with them a few times for lunch in the last few years. So tell me more Gerry, I’ve just sat down with a cup of tea !!!!

          2. Could’nt help notice all the memories of Sloopys but what of pre Sloopys

            My time started early sixties I was attending Kevin street college, met Tony and then Dave,
            At that time the in places were the lawn tennis clubs

            Mount Plesant LTC or the Overend hall in Leeson ST for Saturday Nights

            Percys (St Marys Belmont Ave ) alternative was Claremount in Sandymount for Sunday Nights

            Tempelouge LTC for Thursday Nights

            Then ventured to the Stella Mount Merrion

            One night heard of a new club about to open we called them Beat clubs ( they were in cellers of buildings) called the 5 club There had been a beat/celler club on Burgh Quay but it was either closed down or was unavailable I think it was called Sound City anyway went to the 5 and wow this was what it was all about

            As I was going to Kevin Street and the 5 was just around the corner and like you had done a bit of electrical work for the O Briens I had free membership so I went 7 nights a week

            After the 5 came the Moulin Rouge, Club a GoGo, The scene, Club Arthur lots of others and then Sloopys in Dolier Street

            Alas different people had moved on including myself

            When did you go to Caroline 65/66/67?

            Dublin became stifling for us and we went our different ways

            Myself Tony and Dave went to chase the dream in England but found it wasn’t as good as Dublin Tony and Dave went to the Isle of Man I stayed on in England (I was in love but it didn’t work out) by 69 I knew I wanted to be in Dublin and returned

            Everything had changed the clubs were now Nightclubs ( the Revolution, Zhivagos Powers Hotel and the Fleet Street Sloopys)

            The magic of the Sixties had died

          3. This is all great stuff, I was also going to Kevin Street From ’61 to ’65. and on the
            way home on Wednesday nights I used to go to the Overend Hall Leeson St. The Chessmen played there every Wednesday, a great band with Alan Dee, Bobby Bala, John Sullivan etc. about ’63 or 64. After Pye in Dundrum I went to Radio Caroline in 1966 and was with them until it closed down in March ’68 . It was the
            Best Job in the World anyone could have and the best time of my working life. Well after all it was the Swining Sixties. I was with RTE Radio for over 30 years and I retired in April 2010. my email address is ei2dj at If you drop me a note I’ll give you my phone number and we can have a good chat.

          4. Hi Mike please check your email address it wont work for me

          5. Hi Gerry, I just sent myself an email and it’s working OK did you replace at with @
            Also a big Hello to Dave Baker good to see you are still around LOL regards
            from Karen and myself.

          6. Hi Mike
            Joan and Ann have told me they see you some times. Hope you are keeping well John and myself go to Las Vegas and Huntington beace Cal most years ”kids out in a candy shop” lol
            But hes slowing down a bit and did not come with me last year, hope he can get out of the zimmer frame this year lol.

          7. A lot of old names and it seems a few are still around lol

    4. Does anyone know what ever happened to Derek Walsh? I worked for him on the door of abraxas around 1989 . One of the best I’ve ever worked for. People talk about dangerous times today I honestly think that Dublin was worse back then

  9. Mike, thanks very much for that info, paticularly regarding the 2 locations. I have some other pix and old newspaper ads so I will be doing a new post on Sloopys very soon. I read in one old magazine article that it could handle 2000 people a night!
    I was never in it myself so really good to get that insight from you. If you had to pick one record from your time in Sloopys, what would it be?

    1. I don’t think it could hold 2000 maybe 1200 to 1500, It was the IN club in Dublin at
      the time, and the queue for it used to go down D’Olier Street and around the corner
      into Hawkins Street up as far as O’Reilly Pub at times, Great Buzz and Memories it
      was the BEST. As regards a record it’s so hard to say, I suppose, Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye by Steam, It was a Number One on both sides of the Atlantic for weeks.
      I worked in RTE Radio until I retired 2 years ago. About 8 years ago on a program that I was the technician, a guest who was interviewed came over to me afterwards and said “Hi Mike I remember you as the DJ in Sloopys when I first came to Dublin to work for the ESB”.
      It was Charlie McGettigan of Eurovision fame. We had a nice chat and both agreed that Sloopy’s was the best place in Dublin at the time. I met him again last year at the Paul McCartney Gig in the RDS and caught up on all the “crack”. One of life’s nice guys.

  10. I worked in Sloopys in the cloakroom then floor manager and warm up dj for Don Rylands till it closed moved to the 2 Ages on the quays only went to the new Sloopys once did not like it, then managed Le Disk in Molesworth St and Seezers in Abbt st. ”Bring Back The Good Old Days”

    Glad to see Mike Wright is still with us lol

    1. Thanks for that info David. Did you see the post about Seezers? All the nightclub posts are now under one category. *link updated 9/3/03
      We’ve still some more 70s Nightclub info to post but don’t have anything (yet)on Le Disk. I like the name.

      1. Le DIsk was in Molesworth st, Business People and lots of AerLingus Staff before leeson st got going. Managed ir from pre opening. Seezers was to get a wine lin but did not and was a flop it was owned by Eamonn Andrews Studios which owned the TV Club. The TV Club was a dance Hall and had one club night The New Spotlight Monday Nights on that night they had the best of gigs Status Quo, Linda Martin and Chips, Rob Strong and all the club workers would go cause most clubs did not open Mondays,
        Number 5 Club Leeson st Par Egan was the DJ.
        The Moulan Rouge s Great Georges st owned by the same guy as the 5 Club the only club in Ireland to have a full sized swimming pool they were trying to copy the Valbon Club In London.
        The Green Lounge St Stephens Green young people Sundays Only.
        Hope you find this a little usefull i could go on and on lol its my age lol
        Anyone who remembers the 5 Club is over 65 now lol.

        1. Great stuff David. Very interesting. Swimming pools et all. Thanks very much.

      2. I came across this site because Keith Emerson died today, and I was trying to find out when The Nice played at the 5 Club. I remember seeing them there, and I also remember a night when the DJ gave out Kazoos to the clubbers – we didn’t know why until he played the Beatles new release – Hey Jude, and we all played along to the chorus. I also remember seeing John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers at the Moulan Rouge – I was upset because Eric Clapton had left the band just before, and we had Mick Taylor on guitar. I hope this is not all in my imagination – I was also at the Stones gig at the Adelphi – Anyone else remember

        1. Le Disque was in Molesworth St. It was ownwed by Malcom Glass i managed it for about 2 tears it was around the time of the 5 Clud closing. fot the first few years it was business men and air hostess then it went into a slump as people moved to Leeson st. When i took over it was in a sad state i closed it ant gutted the place. It took off and we had a lot of RTE, and news paper people plus artists like Alan Amsby who would come in after shows.

          1. I did DJ at le Disque back in the day. Holding down a steady civil service job from 9-5 then some evenings and sat/sun in a record shop and le Disque at weekends. Great place.

    2. did u no my dad Bernard flood worked as door man in the 70s

      1. Hi Helen
        I would have known him but it was a long time ago lol The Head door guy was Dave O’Hanlon

      2. Did u no Joyce quinn

      3. Dave I was told my dad got shot at on the door don’t no if this is true ?

  11. My friend David Baker above would certainly be the person to ask about Dublin clubs of the ’60’s and ’70’s. He was involved in the club scene both as a manager and a member of many clubs during those years. He was a 5 nights a week club guy, I know, I was with him on many visits to the 5 Club, Arthurs, Sloopy’s, Moulan Rouge, Green Lounge, Zhivagos and many more. Good times were had by all and I met my wife in Sloopy’s like Mike Wright above also. Dave still likes the clubs but now they tend to be in Las Vagas or Huntington Beach, L.A. !

  12. Do you remember when sloopy was in fleet strret the other club down the lane beside it was called the apartment

    1. the doormen in the apartment were very strict members only and all that mullarky my sister was a regular there i think the head bouncers name was roy but bubbles was better and it closed later

  13. i don’t believe it mike wright on-line. i’ll have to return on this soon. i managed it for a while so much to say
    philip tobin

    1. Nice to touch base with you again Philip ! – Looks there’s a few of us around still, with great stories and memories !!

  14. Hi
    I had put this up elsewhere, but there seems to be more life in here 🙂

    Fantastic to see Sloopy’s posts !!!
    I DJ’d there, for about 10 great years, from 1979 – 1988?, during which time it changed owners, changed managers and changed DJs …. but i remained through it all !! and it also changed its name to ‘Jaggers’ and eventually closed, in the late 80′s. I then moved with the TR7 driving manager (a great great guy) Denis Hickey (ex-Zhivago), to his new Club in Stepaside (Club Apres).
    I also DJd during those years, at Bubbles, the Afrospot, the Apartment, the Harp, Blooms and more – I was fortunate indeed !!

    1. does anyone remember going to tiffanys nightclub in church lane derek nally was the regular dj or good time charlies in o connell st it was beside the carlton cinema i remember going to them all there was so many of them bartons in parnell sq in the early seventies,napoleons, the ace of clubs, and kojaks used to be the revolution they were in rutland place off parnell square then if you could afford it sloopys/zhivagos clares and of course if you wanted to really go upmarket then joys in baggot st or up to the strip bojangles and never forget one of the best rumours in o connell st below the gresham hotel those were the days

      1. Hi Steve, you seem to be the only one left still living apart from myself that remembers Napoleons Nite Club on Rutland Place. It was situated up the lane between the Ace Of Clubs and the Revolution. I worked there as a Dickie Bow Doorman in the late 70’s for 18 months ’til it was burned out by ??? Probably knew you then if you were a regular

        1. i was a regular on a sunday night it was a dodgy place though, the revolution becams kojaks, i reckon i went to every night club in the city do you remember romanoffs next door to the gate theatre now that was very dodgy indeed this list is endless rumours was a great spot, tuesday nights free before 11 packed and all pints £1 the so called clubs are in the halfpenny place in comparison to then

  15. Denis was one of the nice guys in the club group years after i seen him in a supermarket and he had opened his club Apres went to his club that weekend and had a great night talking about the clubs and some of the nuts involved lol
    the pic at the top of the page look a lot like Butlins main dinning room lol

  16. Thanks for that David – gr8 stuff indeed – is Denis stil about i wonder ? Same question applies re Michael Ryan & Michael Murphy [who i worked for at Sloopys and Good Time Charlies, Howth…now also a long extinct Club !], and Krish Naidoo… and Derek Walsh, who also managed the Afrospot & Bubbles (& Peekers … & Barcode?) – any of these great guys still around ?

    1. Krish ran mylords and ladies hair salon in dame court with his wife when he came to ireland and was a punter for a long time,after the new sloopys he ran the miss world here for a few years, the ones i think are still around are don rylands (pr and dj sloopys) gay o,driscoll (am sloopys dublin footballer) noel halpin (gm sloopys/two ages) and mike wright and i hope a lot of punters of sloopys who would fill the phoenix park for a week if they got together lol
      ”Thats All For Now Folks”

      1. Fantastic stuff David … I worked for Krish at Sloopys, and later at Rumours… i actually think he is on the board of Blackburn Rovers FC now too btw ?

      2. i remember krish nadoo when i went to rumours tuesday night was always packed it was free before 11 night a great place to go done some serious partying there

    2. i remember going to good time charlies in o Connell street in the same building as the carlton cinema

  17. My da Bernard flood worked there on the door .

    1. did he have a brother called davy flood from finglas?

  18. I have photos of sloopys in the 70s if anyone wants them id be happy to copy for them

    1. Yes please

    2. ya, I was there then, love to see them if the year was 1970 after that Sloopys in fleet street closed, I was at the last night, I think it was about September 1970.

      1. i was working there on the last night and the staff party the following week it was fun times. i will pull out the old photos and put them up on facebook.

      2. Photos; Thanks David , But I don’t use face book for reasons of my own security. I have traveled and worked round the world since the days in Ireland, as an artist. I use to do water colour paintings of all the street lamps in Dublin sold every one! Most at Stevens Green, and Merrion square, and my prints was selling for 20 years. All thanks to the days and nights I had there, (etched in my sole) but I sometimes wounder what happen to the people I knew then, It was the culture/time that of love, joy, and hart-brake, that makes movies, what best sums it up is the song Na-na-ha ha kiss kiss good bye. Thanks again

    3. Love them…met my wife there in 1970. Great place

      1. I would love to see them. even though it was life time ago that place still affects me. I fell in there in summer of 1970

  19. David, I’d say they’d be perfect for this site? Would love to see them and use them up as a post.

    1. Im doing gigs tonight but will pull them out and scan them on Sat. Where do i send them.

  20. I was told my dad got shot at on the door don’t no if this is true ?

  21. My name is Helen flood Hughes

  22. No one was ever shot at the old sloopy’s. If he was it must have been the new one which i know nothing about.


  23. does anyone remember dave and geno from the apartment,dave had a big motorbike,and geno was goin out with blonde bird….

  24. does anyone remember dave and geno from the apartment,dave had a big motorbike,and geno was goin out with a blonde bird….

  25. Hi Kieran Keogh
    Nice to see you rembering Derek Walsh worked at sloopy’s then went on to open Afrospot , Bubbles Peekers Night club and The TOP HAT and yes he is still around and going strong Last big club was GM in Barcode up until 1 year ago now in the Hotel Game .

    1. Thanx Darryl – I DJ’d for him at most of them at some stage !! If you see him please say hello from me !

  26. Kieran I remember you in Sloopys. I was always there with my friend Ursula Stowe

    1. Had she got brothers called Michael and Robert they both worked for the then Dublin Corporation they were Slaters Michael was an Inspector in the Housing Maintenance Depot in Crumlin he is probably retired now

      1. Yes Robert and Michael worked in the clubs back then, Michael is still working away in the corpo

        1. I have just been looking at a photo gallery of Dublin pubs going back to the 60s its on the Dublin city archives and library in Pearse Street phone 6744997/6744848 give them a call ,I hope that this may be of some help

    2. I worked with Michael and Robert back in 79 when they were doing the roofs of the flats in Sheriff Street and the flats on the North Strand tell him I was asking for him

  27. Your memory is good so Deirdre 🙂
    I was in good company DJing there. They were great days !!! Do you remember the other jocks – Tony Dixon, Simon Young, Greg Merriman, Pat & Gerry O’Keefe/Clarke, Martin King… to name but a few !
    I’m VJing at Roxys at the Arlington now, so anyone that remembers me DJing @ Sloopys/Apartment/Bubbles/Afrospot/Blooms/The Harp/Rumours etc etc … are welcome of course at Roxys – I play all the music videos there from those great days – check it out !!

  28. Yes, I remember most of them and talk to Simon a lot still., I was talking to Martina Clarke earlier in a forum, she used to work in the up stairs wine bar in Sloopys back then,.

    1. Would be nice to have a REAL Sloopys re-union some night !! Jazz funk style !!! Pop in to Roxys sometime so & say hi !!

  29. Really enjoyed reading everyones reminiscing about the good ol days, and thats exactly what they were. The Club scene today hasn’t a patch on the 80’s or 90’s. From Top Cats/La Mirage, Rumours, The Apartments, The AnnaLivia in Abbey street, Appleannies on the keys, The Fleet, etc etc. Everyone knew everyone. Hardly any fighting, and if it was it was only fisticuffs,ha. Nothing like todays scene. You could go out for the night on 50 pounds and come home with change, and that was including your drink for the night, your burger and chips afterwards and a taxi home, although most of us walked home cos it was safe. I’d love to see a huge reunion, bring back the good ol days for just one last time.

    1. If I had my way, such a re-union would be a regular occurrence !
      Great words Marian – and you speak the truth of course re the entertainment and social scene — the present is not a patch on that past ….
      Watch this space !

  30. David Baker…..Heartbeat Radio?????
    If you have pics of Tiffanys I’d be amazed……..
    Gerry Kelly……
    Ger Parkes/ABC Radio

    1. myself and a big crowd from cabra went to sloopys every fri/sat/sun in the mid 70s derek nally was the regular dj great spot

  31. A Bouncer was Shot at “The Cuckoos Nest” Parnell Square
    This used to be “The Town and Country Club”
    and I remember it as ” Romanoffs” it was a great place for a while……..

  32. Remember ” Good Time Charlies” on O’Connell Street????
    Jeeze……I’m really getting old……..

    1. To all; please keep this site going, I am enjoying, and I have feeling someone is going visit it that I know!
      As to getting old; May be its because I am artist. But when I think to back to 1970 in my mind’s eye, the girls I remember then are still in their twenties, just as beautiful, and they have never aged. It’s like looking at the one you love, you don’t see her as she is, you see her as the day you met her and first fell in love. And just like in our dreams we still run around, and play as we use to do. We are all only old on the outside, and how others see us, but our sprites never age. It was not 40 years ago it was yesterday when we talked, closed our eyes and seen the faces of the ones we once knew then.

      1. Very very true Jim, I’m still only 22 !!!

    2. george best had something got to do with good time charlies the last time i was in there was new years eve 1978

  33. If you were a Townie you will remember ABC Radio broadcasting from The Ivy Rooms Hotel in Parnell Street……
    Great Times…….Great Memories………..Free Radio………
    Gerry Kelly / Ger Parkes ABC Radio

  34. my earliest was tiffanys in church lane great pulling on friday and sunday night and then we started going to sloopys and the revolution as we got older those were the days all those clubs mothers,bartons,napoleons,the ace of clubs.romaninoffs,good time charlies,the apartment,the tara club, zhivagos, and then the strip in lesson street the list is endless the pulling /dancing capital of the world

    1. Spot on! I have a large print of the membership card hanging in my den, put some 70s music on and it takes me back, like Austin Powers meets Mrs Brown.

      1. they havent a clue how to party these days then there was none of the lunacy that you have now do you remember lloyds pub in north earl street

  35. Ya; see my reply on the 20th Jan That was the life I lived in Glasnevin then, had landlady like Mr Brown, a girl friend that was pour ‘Glam’ looked like Sally Fields, I drove a mine cooper,night clubs wed, sat night, Tiffanys, Sloopys and I think I was in Llodys once or twice. who could ask for any thing more. Oh fishing when you needed a brake from work hard, play hard. yes there was jobs then,and drinking nights you could afford, no trouble, no larger louts, what happened!

    1. lloyds was the first pub in dublin to put the price of a pint of lager (harp) to 50p that was in about 1975 they had a juke box upstairs and in the basebent the reg doorman was a guy called joe from raheny i think then it was straight down to tiffanys and if you had a bit more money you would go to the earl mooney across the road or the abbey mooneybecuse they were the only ones with jukeboxes

      1. Hi im looking for info or photos of llyods pub. Doin a this is ur life for parents 40 wedding anniversary. They meet in lloyds and were regulars there.

        1. Sorry Niamh, don’t have anything on Lloyds.

          1. try the Dublin City archives in Pearse Street, I used to drink in Lloyds in 75/76 downstairs where the jukebox was

    2. Tiffanys on the weekends was the buisness

  36. Gerry,

    Are you the Gerry who I used to meet frequently in the clubs and was working for Chubb’s in the ’80’s and holidayed in Malta in, i think, ’75?
    If so, great to see your brain is working far better than mine with your names and details from the past. For me those times are a bit of a fog in parts but lots of fun all the same with great memories of the clubs, the people I met in them and how less complicated life was (or seemed to be, anyway) back then.
    As an aside, I owe a lot to my friend Dave Baker who got me into a number of the clubs for free (great when money was permanently in short supply) with VIP cards, especially Sloopys for which i had a membership card stamped with Michael Ryan and Michael Murphy’s names. This was like gold and it was a sad night when it was taken from me in Sloopys and torn up just because of … a girl!
    Fun to look back at those times!!

    Johnny McGouran

    1. Girls were like that back then lol

    2. Yes I am one and the same person now as Mike said reveal yourself, did you live in Pearse Street
      did we do the Revolution a lot back then, that would have been 1970/71

      Also can you place Dave Baker as he seems to be of that same fine vintage


      1. Im the good looking one lol

        1. Male or Female? thats not good enough, we need a bit more than that to go on,
          what vintage?

          1. Started in Charville Nevin no5 Moulan Rouge, Worked in Overend Hall, Sloopys, Seezers, Le Disk, Eamonn Andrews Studios ect ect that should tell you the vintage lol OLD lol

          2. if you did Charville and the Nevin I would have put you as the same vintage as me, but if you worked in the Overend I think you have matured just a little bit more,
            nice to communicate with you, keep the memories coming

          3. The Moulin Rouge also had a Sauna,

            And just to add some colour to this discussion heres a little tale,

            If you saw my previous comm’s with Mike Wright, the little bit of work included power for the sauna, myself and one of the mates arranged for a new ESB supply and when it was installed we connected the Sauna, being alone in the club, with the Sauna powered up for the first time we decided to try it, we had the users manual and duly did as it said, cold shower for starters, 5 minutes in the Sauna, then another cold shower, 5 minutes in Sauna, then another cold shower, by this time we were frozen so stayed in the Sauna for 30 minutes, finished, dressed and went home, great we thought our first Sauna, several days later when I called to the mate, he was in the fever hospital in clonskeagh, in total isolation, his throat was raw, at the weekend I had to bring him clothes so he could do a runner, he did survive.

          4. well my ones a bit different i used the swiming pool to entertain girlfriends during the day when no one used the pool it was an interesting time lol

      2. Hi Johnny,

        I think I have you now, it took a lot of brainstorming and the Malta bit threw me, I married in late 74 so stopped going to the night clubs in Dublin as I was then living in Dunlaoghaire,
        I was thinking of another person in the Pearse Street area, but couldn’t figure how he would know of Malta, then it came to me, I met you in Davy Byrnes one night in 75/76, brown leather jacket, You Me and Dave used to do Scruffy Murphs and the 51 before town, you had uprooted and gone up to Donegal, making wooden toys? you were just down for some business, Am I on the right track?????

        1. Hi Gerry,

          No, not me, you’re way off the track on this one, making wooden toys in Donegal sounds like something I would have liked to have done, for sure.
          Just a few clues to jog the gray matter, I seem to remember you were on your honeymoon when I met you in Malta, I was there with my wife and another couple. Also, I was last talking to you around the early ’90’s when you were working on a Krause large-format imaging system in a place in Glasnevin industrial estate.
          Is this making things any clearer?

          1. The fog wont clear, I honeymooned in spain in 74, but Malta was 75, a large group of us for the SCUBA diving,and I did work in the pre print business in the 90’s, and a few places were in Glasnevin, but still can’t place you, we met a crowd from Drogheda in Malta, were you among them? or was it several years later on Majorca?

  37. Hi Steve, Napoleons was indeed a dodgy place but was well run. U probably remember one of the owners Kieran Kiernan a great guy I think he was a Cabra man himself but lived in Malahide and the other owner Pat Hickey now the President of the Olympic Comittee

  38. I fell in love with Sue Wade there. God, she was beautiful.

    1.    A brave man to make such a comment! You are not the only one that found love at Sloopys. Join the club! To this day; I still feel the effects, I have traveled to world 3 times over, worked in countries from the Middle East to Far East, India, China, and spent nights in gin joins, well feels like, most of them, Been rich, and at times never had a penny to my name, But I was lucky, I found another girl later, the best I could wished for. ‘My wife’ and I love her to bits, now dad, granddad, Gt granddad. And don’t get this wrong but would NEVER cheat on the ones I love.       But at the time I could understand why in the old days, men would run away and join the Foreign Legion to forget, I was considering doing the same! And maybe that is why I travel so much, and have done so much, to get as far away from Dublin and her as possible and forget the pain.  Her last words to me was; “Knowing I have hurt you so much, I regret I ever met you!” I don’t, and I was the one that was hurt, but just to have held her in my arms, and to have known her for the short time, and summer of 1970, was worth a life time of pain!  And thinking back, I got the best part, I never upset her, seen her bitter with anger, or in pain, or seen her age as couples do, in my mines eye, and heart, she is still the same. And she never seen me age! And still after 43 years, if hear the song of Eric Clapton’s Layla, I feel as if I have been hit in heart with brick….Yea, her name was Lyla, and she fits the words, and story of the song to the letter,  She must be a lovey mature lady by now.   Thank you ‘Lyla’ for giving me a wonder full, rich life.  No regrets.  And god bless you were ever you are.  


    2.   Sorry I can reply to remark, I am in China Beijing, and out of range of flash drive,   But I would dearly like to do s,. hope to reply soon this a brave man, and not the only one to have loved and lost at Sloopys       BR     Rainbow 


  39. Is there anyone who would be interested in sharing their stories of Sloopy’s? I’m a writer/filmmaker who is working on a book-to-film adaptation and adding factual stories from persons who actually visited there in 1970.

    1. I was there that summer And writing about it I have 30000 words so far you are welcome to them but I m travelling in China back December How we get in touch Jimmy Rogers
      Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless device

  40. Hey Jim Rogers! Awesome! That is absolutely incredibly good news. I’ve been doing as much research about it that I can and hardly anything exists! I would love to take a look at what you’re writing! Thank you so much! Best way to get in touch with me concerning the exchange of such information concerning the film and times at Sloopy’s is e-mail: Again, thank you so much! Safe travels!

    1. I might have some photographs taken inside the club if they would be of any value. Also, they filmed an ad which was shown at cinemas – if a copy could be traced it would add an interesting dimension. Loraine

      Sent from my iPhone

      1. Loraine! That would be incredible! Any pictures you have would help me formulate the story visually! My email is It would be awesome if you could send me them! Thanks again!

  41. Remember the elephant?

  42. Gerry.. I think you might have posted on a request of my regarding Pat Cambell remembering my mum in 1968. From Dublin and lived in Australia for a while.. she took tons of picutes upon her visit to Dublin in 1968. Does Pat remember her? or have any of her picts?

    1. Hello Cath,
      I think you picked up the mail incorrectly, I knew Pat during the 60’s and I knew he did the paintings in the 5 club, I haven’t seen him since 1967, and I was trying to get a photo of the paintings of the walls in the 5, I asked another person and then I suggested the female who had returned from abroad on holiday, who took lots of photos, I dont know anything about her, also I have no contacts for Pat, Thanks for your intrest anyway, Regards Gerry

  43. What great memories from all you. Myself and Joe Farrel were behind the bar for a number of years at Sloopys in the 70s. So many good times.

    1. I worked at Sloopys with Pete McGuinness 1973 – 1975 . I was in the advertising film they shot for the cinema . Remember going to the Adelphi to see it . My moment on the silver screen was fleeting to say the least .

      1. I was in that film too as one of the punters on the dance floor with my then boyfriend who was called John Dempsey.

  44. Hi , Loraine . The only person I remember by name was a guy named Domonick he worked for Aer Lingus . He used to pal around with 3 sisters called Neilon or something like that . My job was going around the bars giving out passes . Then back at the club we would wander around chatting to girls and asking them up to dance . As I remember it we were supposed to try and get people to feel as if they belonged . Chris Niedoos idea . Funny to think about that now .

  45. hi everyone,does anyone remember slings discobar?

  46. The BEST club in Dublin.

  47. The scene night club only got 1mention yet skid row grannies intentions played there it was there I met my wife .it’s a cross the road from findlaters church you went downstairs to dance floor and stage phill lynit Gloria was a big hit still is

  48. Gerry Browne, new a few of your friends from Cabra back in the 70s. Myself and my mates from Crumlin first met in the Two Ages we all moved on to the Apartment and then to Sloopy’s. We went thru all the fashion trends of the day, Skinhead Suedehead and then the flares and high waistband stuff. great times great memories.

    Bob from Crumlin.

  49. Sorry that was for Steve Browne

  50. OMG I have just come across this website – how exciting!!
    I worked in Sloopy’s in Fleet St for a number of year’s – I worked in the restaurant. I remember lot’s of names from the past. Pat Dent, I remember well, he was extremely handsome with a great personality & had a lot of girls after him. Those were the day’s alright. Does anyone remember Dave O’Hanlon? Michael Ryan & Michael Murphy became good friends of mine during that time – Krish Naidoo was involved with the Miss Ireland’s for quite a number of year’s of which was a very glamorous affair when the heat’s were on prior to the main event – I usually wore long dresses for *THE FINAL* exciting times alright…. The reason I googled Sloopy’s is because my 60th Birthday is coming up in June this year & I would love to find one of the DJ’S who might be prepared to do my gig, ideally COLM GERAGHTY if anybody know’s how to get in touch with him?? Does anybody remember Dolores Saputo, Geraldine Dempsey, Tommy McMahon who was the roadie for Chips who’s manager at the time was Louis Walsh who used to come in on Monday night’s as it was band night – I remember serving wine to Philip Lynott & his band Thin Lizzy in the restaurant, who even at that time was mega!! Soo many memories – we talked about a Sloopy reunion for a long time & I guess there are some people out there that would still love it – maybe it can be arranged. Where would you even start – maybe with Michael Murphy or Michael Ryan? Anybody interested??

    1. Dave O’Hanlon worked in the Country Club Portmarnock after Sloopy’s. Think a reunion better have wheelchairs available lol. Only went to Fleet St once did not like it. The finish party for the old Sloopy’s in the Clarence Hotel was a great night.

    2. hi again… Sent you reply yesterday Annette but not sure you received ? – yes – I can help you re all – get in touch on please 🙂 – thanks

      1. Thanks Kieran, I will be in touch later on this evening when I have more time

        1. Thanks Annette

  51. I met my husband there July 1970 we have been married for 45 years – we live in the US where we emigrated to in 1989 and we have 2 sons.

  52. I have been watching the Sloopys thread over the last few years from different parts of the Globe. My time in Sloopys revolved around D’Olier Street, which was the old Gas Company building cellar. Sloopys, as watchers will know, was the next step for the two Mikes (Ryan and Murphy) from Club Arthur. I was there on the opening night of Sloopys and on average I was there at least four nights a week, I was lucky enough to have a VIP card which saved mega bucks. The Friday night ritual was O Reillys pub and a couple of Brandys in the car with Daffy or Mike Walker and go in to listen to the live band in one section, which was generally The Four Kees, by that time Roy Murray had replaced Charlie Murphy and in the Disco section; Dave Baker. Don Rylands. Mike Wright with his Caroline jingles, et al. added the oomph !
    The erstwhile Mike Walker purloined the position of “roadie” to the Four Kees and this was a great benefit, as they to played the Tennis Clubs, so I managed to get free admission to those as long as I went with Mike then back to Sloopys before closing.
    We would ultimately end up in Jackos on the Quays generally at 4am where it was not unusual to have Lynott, Gallagher and the rest of the ‘heads’ eating, but it just seemed normal,
    It was a fabulous snapshot in time, it is a time I look fondly on and we should thank the likes of Ryan and Murphy for having the vision to create a place for late teens and early twenties in those days for us to reflect on. Sure they made money but we cannot complain, bearing in mind that Ryan and Murphy were 29 and 27 respectively.
    I am by no means retired, but my business which is Nuclear related, is now mostly in the most Northern tip of Scotland, overlooking the harbour of Scrabster and sometimes on rainy, misty and storm filled nights, in front of a blazing fire with the Retriever at my feet I often reflect on those heady weekends with hamburgers in Jon Dons at 4 am on the way home from Sloopys; and maybe in summer arrive in Brittas Bay on a Saturday morning without a wink of sleep, how lucky we were to have the opportunity to enjoy Dublin in its finest hour with some great people in Sloopys including the long drive home !!

    1. God i forgot i used to DJ plus cloakroom, floor manager ect ect they were the days we tried everything.
      My place afterclub was Gigs Place and Mondays we closed and it was off to the TV CLUB for New Spotlight where all the club guys could bitch about the weekend and each other lol.

      1. Dave you were the original multi tasker I remember it well is Bearnard Gibson around still he went to work in RTE if I recall but I may be hallucinating he was a really nice guy!!

        1. Hi Fergus and Dave,
          Great to see that you are both still in the land of the living, Bernard Gibson was in RTE TV when he was in Sloopy’s. He retired from RTE last year, and his son Dave works in RTE Radio. I retired from RTE Radio five years. Karen my wife sends her regards, we will be married 45 years this year. How she has put up with me for all these years I’ll never know, Regards to all Mike

          1. Hi Mike
            John tells me he sees you from time to time maybe next time we will all meet up. I’m off to Las Vegas for March but maybe later on would be good.

          2. Hi Dave, I look forward to that, Enjoy your trip, Which John is that???

          3. John McGouran and his wife Ann we have been friends since we were 18 on moterbikes lol

          4. I must give them a call, Karen sends her regards

    2. Fergus, by the sounds of it – you could write a book. Your post was sooo interesting – I also got to know Don Ryland through the two Mike’s. It’s a funny thing but I think they would really enjoy hearing all of these comments – I know for a fact they loved every minute themselves. They were truly great times & yes, *we were lucky*

      1. Annette I met Mike Ryan in the late 80’s in the Dublin Sport Hotel and reminded him of a record The Four Kees released in 1971 called “To be or not to be” well imagine my surprise when Mike could not remember it !! He had not changed a bit, they had just bought a massive building site in Blackrock, I believe it was the Little Sisters of the Poor, which now would be worth mega bucks. Mike Ryan was the agent for Ireland for Success Motivation which inspired him to success it was later taken over by a mutual friend called Rory O Hanlon who also derived similar success.I have to say in all my years of business I have never seen such compatibility as there was between the two Mikes, I hope you have a great and memorable birthday in addition to getting the DJ you want with the desired playlist !!!

  53. Further to my recent email I recall leaving a lovely girl called Jeanette home to the YWCA in Sandymount from Sloopys and we arranged to meet the next day. Before the appointed time my car broke down in Fairview, this was pre Link Bridge, mobile phone days and I arrived very late. Alas Jeanette had obviously decided that I was a no show merchant. Undaunted eventually I racked up to the YWCA looking for the girl, only to be met by a ginormous matron who not only frightened the bejasus out of me but gave me the option of the Gardai on the basis that I was a raving lunatic and residents identities were confidential, or leg it; and in the interests of self preservation, cowardice triumphed over bravery on this occasion, as I opted for the latter, so take this note as a belated 45yr old apology !!
    I have long since disposed of the car

  54. Good morning all
    I just received this great email from Jim Rogers [sent to myself and Annette Kilroy] for posting to the Brand New Retro site…

    Annette/ Kieran
    I am in China so can’t reply from here to the BNR – please post for me!

    Re Sloopy’s the film.
    Someone remarked they was interested in making a film about the club. What happened?
    Sloopy’s affected so many people in such positive ways. I was one of the lucky ones, and have days I can never forget, I have had a full and wonderful life – I’ve worked all over world, and I now live in China… but those days in Ireland were some of the best.

    1970 – and what a country to be in: clean fresh country and beaches – Sloopy’s most weekends, or Tiffany’s, the Rainbow, and other clubs.

    I had good Irish friends (lol), a good job, and a landlady that would remind you of Mrs Brown (lol). Dublin at that time was one of the most romantic places to be in, even better then Paris, London, New York, or Rome (I have been there). Take your girlfriend for a nice walk round St Stephen’s Green, on a hot summer’s evening, or a chat in an old Dublin pub, and then back in Sloopy’s [where love stories begin], and yes; you fall in love – and so many of us did. Only people lucky enough to have been there can believe just how great those days were.
    As the song goes…. ### At the closing of my years, I would ask my god to make my heaven in that little bit of Ireland over the sea### (And I am not Irish)

    Jim Wilson: Make the (F#####g) film please ! – we have the stories… some to make you laugh, some to make you sing, some to make you cry … and romance to make you feel warm and happy :)- all from one club SLOOPY’S.

    Best regards from China !

    Jim Rogers

    ** Push RTE! Or the Irish Film Board or Irish Film Institute or the Arts Council !

    1. And another follow up mail from Jim – he’s not giving up on this 🙂


      Hi Kieran; you made such a good job of my letter. this may interest you!

      I think what the guy was trying to do was just write a story, or film – WRONG ! – Sloopys would make a fantastic time period drama TV mini-series, of 6.
      All TV soaps, and series are made of around 4 stories all overlaying each other.
      Ian Fleming once said, “To write a good story you must keep the reader turning over the pages!”
      With this type of drama it is the same, the 4 overlay stories keeps the viewer needing to see the next instalment, There is no let up; when one story goes cool or goes dry for a while, then others pick up till the it picks up again [next time you watch your soap, check what stories are running] and they use a meeting place for all the stories and characters to come together. For example: The Rovers, The Queen Vic, Downtown Abbey…. etc

      We have Sloopys – a semi period costume time drama set in Dublin 1970s, and we have far more than 4 running stories at a time, and a period time drama that keeps you wanting to see what happens next. Remember that, although modern, there were no mobile phones, no contraceptive’s, [a hint of danger…still the Northern Ireland problem]. There were rules on the dance floor, no drinking in the clubs in the early days, and definitely no drugs, and we all had great times. There is the message, very relevant today! Sloopys can have its heroes and villains, a power story of the clubs around at the time, ambitions and careers of DJs, managers and bands around at the time, and there are the love stories.

      It was at the end of 60s liberation and freedom, so some of us full of fun and carefree, and some just people needing to get out for the night and have good time. Behind the scenes, the management, and staff. People = students from Trinity College, mixing and getting on with people on the dole from Ballyfermot, and Finglas. Need I go on! Having overlapping stories and a good mix of characters, helps the viewer relate to each story. To make it more interesting some stories are based on real life stories. Show the pictures of the people, how we were then, and how we are today, at the end of each instalment! (Would go down great in America). I AM NO WRITER, I am an artist. I cannot write for love or money – BUT If I could find a good ghost writer I would be willing to submit parts, to help them, and you can be sure that others would be willing to do the same… and he or she can have the credit when it is submitted to the script writers… and even if it does not work we can have great fun doing it! Spin off; the music some of it remixed is still very relevant today.
      Now then; would RTE like this, and should they have it, or should it be submitted to ITV, BBC TV3, or Sky !!?
      BR Jim

  55. Hello to all who subscribed to the Sloopy’s post,

    I’ve been following this thread for several years now and it’s just fantastic to see how many followers have such great memories of the time, as one person put it,

    “ It was a fabulous snapshot in time, it is a time I look fondly on”

    At this point I must say Hello to Mike Wright, I hope that someday we might have that get together.

    Also hello to Johnny McGouran , for a long time, almost two years I’ve racked my brains and finally after lots of web crawling I came across a photo of you, and yes now I remember, so HOW ARE YOU?

    And to Cath, well although I did’nt manage to track Pat Cambell down, I did manage to get some photos of the 5 club including the mural on the stairs.

    With a view to keeping the thread alive I’ve used poetic licence and posted the following,

    “Call it a journey of memories, a journey to bring back the time.

    To those days of wild abandoned, when a young man was in his prime.

    Call it a hopeless fancy, trying to capture those long lost dreams.

    When life was full of living, and you were still in your teens.”

    Keep the memories coming,

    Happy Valentine’s Day

    Gerry Mullen

  56. Let me state from the outset I never do nostalgia I treat my past as a rear view mirror ; I glance at it now and then but don’t dwell, but due to the response to a casual note I put on here last week I think that friends of my teenage days are due their just respect.
    Firstly thank you Mike for your wishes from Karen and yourself I remember well when you met Karen, or to be more specific when you asked her out, in fairness you clearly made your observations clear (clean I assure you ) , well before the date and Karen was the best looking girl in the parish, weren’t you lucky she emigrated to Dublin. I have no doubt that you are still a good team. I also fondly recall , visiting your house in London Bridge Road which was the most welcoming experience one could ever hope to have, your parents were the parents most could ever hope to wish for and I hope Helen is also keeping well.
    Over the last week I was reflecting on a few milestones which come to mind during those days of the D’Olier Street Sloopys, I should say that I went to Fleet Street once but somehow it was different maybe I had moved on or perhaps the old Sloopys seemed more secure if that is the appropriate word. Reverting to the D’Olier Street experience I recall in the live band section they used to have a “Spot” gig which is all fine and dandy until Dr Strangley Strange turned up who on reflection and I stress the word reflection were mega artistic. It is fair to say that with the regulars they went down like a Reggae Band at a Klu Klux Klan convention and if recall the Chosen Few were the highlight that night. The relief when Deke O Brien appeared on stage had to be seen. On a separate note I do recall Mike Wright being inundated with requests for Steam and also Dave with Spirit in the Sky which seemed to be the favourite of the “Go Go Dancers”.
    Tonight in the most Northern part of Scotland and we are expecting a real gale but it came to mind today, that the guys on the ships like Caroline had a huge challenge getting to their place of work, before they even went on air.
    Reverting to Sloopys I would be happy to go for a get together if there was some interest or to put it more succinctly; if someone decided to lead such an initiative (notice someone decided) that is called delegation. In seriousness I am not geographically positioned to arrange such a Gig it might be better if it was less formal; maybe agree a date and place and we turn up rather than an formal event As a suggestion it might be good to meet in O Reillys pub behind the old Sloopys (if it still there) at a given date this year and have a few Canadian Clubs and Coke…..about 40 years since I had one but no point in pretense it was Wright who got me on to them.
    I commute to Kildare monthly as I have a home there so as they said at the circumcision “its no skin off my nose” to arrange attendance.
    Mike/Dave my email is I would love to meet up with you and Karen to shoot the breeze, in the words of Booker T and the MG’s ; Time is Tight. Speaking of which I remember when they entered the charts, The Four Kees bought an organ to play this song with Gerry the bass player rapidly learning the keyboard within a week !!! They debuted the song it in Clontarf Cricket Club on a Saturday night I remember Gerry sharing his nervousness to put it mildly he worked in Chadwicks and had a very beautiful wife Cathy if my recall is accurate!!
    As a final shot does anyone remember Marie Bradford on the till, Ephriam Santiago (I think he was a tad of a chancer from some exotic Country) , Eugene Griffin (his Dad was Mince Meat Joe ..Google it), Robbie Collis, Dermot Peakin the butcher, Aidan Hand (no not that one), an Asian chap called Mel and his female “cousin and some female DJ from BFN who did a spot DJ she was actually a soldier I believe.

    1. Im up for it but it has to be after March im in Las Vegas for march and wont be going back till September.
      it would be fun to see how many turn up from D’Olier Street.
      Green Onions was a better song lol

    2. Hi. Found this thread by chance and really enjoyed reading. My husband Gerry Nolan was the base / keyboard player with the 4 Kees who worked in Chadwicks. My name is Mary I think I’m his only wife! But if there is another one (Kathy) I’d love to meet up for a compare notes chat. They were fun days and I remember with great fondness the “roadie” Mick Wright. He used to look after the girlfriends white the guys were playing as well as the gear. Lots and lots of familiar names jump out at me. Keep posting

    1. Hi some time agi i said id get you some sloopys pics and did not get them sorry. I’m away for a week but will send them asap when i return. What email will i send them.

  57. Just so this does not become an almost exclusive Sloopys blog… does anyone remember the AdLib club or the River Club. I did DJ there quite a bit and also in Molesworth street, early 70s.


    1. Niall, just a little too young to remember either of these myself but I have come across both whilst doing this blog. We have a scan of an advert for the River Club here and I’ve got a few more cuttings & pics (but not yet scanned) on it (one after it caught fire) and indeed AdLib Thanks for the comment. Was wondering do you remember what was your own fave discs to play at the clubs back then?.

      1. A great , who sadly was lost to us too young, was Jon Hodges. I also recall Pat Arnold. I think we both got a mention in Spotlight around the same time. Danny Hughes and I rotated at the AdLib (Drury Street, where Brooks Hotel is now). Of course, Smiley Bolger.

  58. For discs… Lay Lady Lay, Je Taime, Get back.. the list goes on… probably still have them all in the attic. I worked part time in a record shop so had access to everything.

    Also recall going to discos in the Green Lounge, Bartons, Morrisini Whelans, the 5, Go-Go, Apartment, Tiffanys, Moulin Rouge, … showing my age.

    1. Ah! The attic. Go up and run risk of never returning. Thanks Niall.

      1. i worked in Green Lounge on Sunday afternoon kids dance doing coats Saturday Nights in Overend Hall doing soft drinks brings me back many years lol

  59. i used to work in bewleys westmorland street and michael murphy used to come in for coffee maybe a meal i was cheeky and asked him for a vip for sloopys saints then charlies and also sardis so i got a 3 in 1 does anyone remember freddy middleton regards norma

  60. Hi David Baker, I worked briefly at Le Disk too, and have a few questions I’d like to ask you for a piece I am writing about that period- maybe before your time. I believe it was 1966 because as a DJ there I played that “Working in the Coal Mine” song by Lee Dorsey which was was popular at the time. I know because there was an awful coal mining disaster in Wales that year. I also worked at RTE and was known as June a “pet name” for month I was born in, though my actual name is Annette. My Maiden name was Gallagher. I was wondering if you knew who the owner was of Le Disk? My late mother Kay worked for him for a while at whatever business he also owned during the day. I forget…I was young. I lived in London during the 196o’s too and the mini-skirts I wore back then where frowned on by some women at RTE when I moved back to Dublin for a year. A producer, Leila Doolin, I heard stuck up for me, though I didn’t know that at the time. I live in the US now- not on FB.

    1. Hi Annette
      The owner was Malcolm Glass who’s main business was a sowing and fabrick shop in 44, EAST ESSEX ST., DUBLIN 2. As far as i can rember the only girl dj that worked for me was a blond girl and lived in Cabra as she had no car and i had to drive her home.
      i go to Las Vegas for a month every year – I am on FB lol

  61. Hi David,
    Thank you! Yes, I remember now, it was Malcolm Glass so it must have been around the same time. I was going to say knitwear but could have been a fabric store. I definitely was a dJ there for a while. No idea how that worked as don’t recall anyone supervising me 🙂 except being ignorant of the news one night and being told by somebody in management not to play that Lee Dorsey song about the coal mine. Strangers in the Night was a popular request as was a song I tried to avoid playing Distant Drums.
    One night, before his wedding to Dublin model Hilary Frayne, Galen Weston came in to Le Disk and was, I guess a little tipsy, as flattered me quite a bit:) Odd things one remembers… I didn’t drive back then, but may have got a taxi.
    I was/am blonde but didn’t live in Cabra. My mother, Kay Gallagher, worked for Malcolm so I guess that is how I got the job, however briefly a period. Then I worked at RTE. It’s good to have a contact in Dublin who recalls that time as I went back to London within a year and have not lived in Ireland since. I did grow up there, however, and went to Notre Dame in Churchtown and then Our Lady’s In Terenure. As mentioned, I was known as June Gallagher back then. I probably won’t be checking this site on a regular basis, but would like to stay in touch as may in the future have other questions. Don’t laugh, but I am writing a memoir and have few contacts in Dublin. How does that work? Would BrandRetro give you my email or website? Fine by me.
    Anyway, will follow this thread for a while. Did you by chance know or know of Pat And Stephanie Smiley? Or anyone else know them, who may be reading this? They were older than me but friends at the time.
    Thanks again,
    All best,
    PS Did you work in Vegas at one time or just like going there?

  62. PS maybe we did live in Cabra for a while, though I can’t place it. I thought we lived on Pembroke Rd. but can’t recall that either. An odd time for our family. My father was still in London. agw

    1. Where do i start lol
      1 Smileys rings a bell but cant place them.
      2 I was not big on supervising back then so i tried to work as a team.
      3 Malcolm employed me after i worked in Sloopys.
      4 Like yourself i have lived in London 5 times. Birmingham, Wirral Holland,Milan, LA ect.
      5 We used to have Mr Pussy in most nights with his pack after his gigs does that ring any bells with you.
      6 The one thing i remember about one girl dj was she was a bit on the limit with clothes for the times one night she came in with a lovely dress with holes however she forgot to wear a bra i remember having a word in her ear lol
      7 I go to LV for a month 1/2 a year for the last ten years. I like playing cards and love the 24 hour buzz.
      8 contact
      Hope iv covered your Q.

  63. ps
    Im away for a week so wont reply to anything till next Sat.

  64. Thanks again, David. No I didn’t wear a dress with holes or go braless, but I did wear mini-skirts –already common in London, but gathered not in Dublin then. Don’t recall any acts to follow. So I must have been a mystery DJ! Maybe when first opened?
    Loved being back in Dublin. Have traveled a lot since. Appreciate the email (did you mean to say @ gmail?) and will be back in touch that way at some point. I know you are away now.
    Tom Corley was a friend of Pat and Steph. Pat Smiley was a journalist and I imagine worked at The Irish Times and Stephanie was a model. They were regulars at the Old Bailey and pub across the road Davy Byrnes – in case TC rings a bell. No need to find out where Tom is now, more curious about the scene at that time and if anyone out there knew them?) Sounds like Vegas is your home away from home. Only been there once. Fun!!! Annette

    1. Hi Ann.
      Its my second home lol. Its (usa site).

  65. Through the wire gate and down the steps every weekend was a great way to start my week.Will never forget the wall paintings and the intimacy of the place.

    1. Who was the Indian guy who worked the doors and often issued free passes?

  66. Chris Nido he ran miss World Ireland after the clubs.

  67. A lot of folks mentioning the ’60’s and early ’70’s.We hit The Afro Spot/Faces which was behing The Apartment and Sloopy’s..We were skinheads but my uncles were skins in the ’60’s and got into clubs like Mothers,Bartons,and some place on eden quay.also went to a place called The boot Inn on Abbey st.

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