Revolution Night Club advert from Man Alive mag 1974

Here are 2 Ads for Dublin Night Clubs which I’ve scanned from Man Alive  mag 1974.

I love the ad for Revolution. And its not just the tudor-style restaurant which does it for me.

Here’s the Google street view of where the night club was in Rutland place, Dublin 1.

The other ad, below, is for a much more famous club, Zhivago. This club even had posh adverts continuously running at our local cinema which made Zhivago sound like a suave, sophisticated spot where “love stories begin”. As a young innocent, gullible teenager, I knew someone who knew someone who had been there & I was so impressed.
Here’s Google Street view of 15 Lower Baggot St. Dublin 2.

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zhivago night nite club 1974

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  1. I remember that place well, been there many times and I always had a good night.
    By today’s standards it was definitely very retro but it had a great atmosphere and I’m nearly sure the famous “Luggs Brannigan” was a doorman at the place. There was three floors in the club playing disco on one, rock on another and the all important slow sets on the third. The “slow sets” area had red velour seating (very posh) with tables and couches for the “lucky” punters that pulled a bird heh heh. When closing time came the hardened clubber / drinker would retire to “Barbarellas” further down the lane. This was the height of sophistication then, they had a foot-spa in the middle of the floor and called it a pool (how sad was that?). Wine was the only beverage available and it was crap and expensive. Any chance of you e-mailing the images of the ads to me?

  2. I have some ads from the early 70s of the Rev – I played in one of the groups there – Liberation. Saw some great English bands there as well – Mud, Slade, White Plains. Also remember Des the owner and Andy the manager. And yes – the terrible wine, although we were only allowed free cokes, plus being able to go there on our nights off. We also played the Ace of Clubs up the lane. I’ll see what I have that may interest you.

      1. mike do you remember Napoleons Niteclub in Rutland Place, between The Rev nd the Ace…

      2. Zhivago opened in the summer of 1970 I worked there in the day time. Restaurant I also worked in the Night club I have lots of memories of working there great times

  3. In 1975 I managed a motor racing team called Team Eire Racing. Zhivago sponsored one of the drivers – Derek Daly. Does anyone have a photograph of that car. The other driver was Bernard Devaney who was sponsored by Irish Continental Car Ferries – has anyone a photo of that car?

    1. Mike, I’ll keep an eye out for those car photos. Not sure when Zhivago opened.

    2. i remember derek daly he reconditioned an engine for me when I lived in Dunboyne 1983. he had a big garage just past the county club pub on the way to Dunshaughlin. sure he could help with the foto…

      1. The garage at Dunshlaughlin is run by Dan Daly another racing driver , not related to Derek

    3. There use to be a photo of the car on the office wall when I worked there don’t know what. Happened to it

  4. Anyone remember the djs names from zhivago

    1. Richie day rip and dj lee

    2. Jock Mc Donald was there sometimes, mostly as a guest.

  5. Hi,
    My name is Freddy Bailey, I started the Zhivago Club with Pat Gibbons, I also installed all the coin operated games there. Kathy who was Pat’s girlfriend was a great attraction in her hot pants, we had Lara’s Restaurant where Luke Kelly, Long John Baldry and several more personalities came to enjoy themselves, Jeff Smutfit would order a case of DP champaign and John O’Byrne the car dealer would sell more cars from the club than he did through his company Kingrum Motors. Great Day’s. I miss Pat, he was killed in a plane crash in the mid 1980’s.

    1. Freddie, many thanks for sharing this info. And for your other comment over on the Sloopys post. Very sad about Pat. That must have been the same plane crash where Kevin Marron died.

  6. I remember Zhivago’s very well. In 1971 or thereabouts, I used to supply the “Go Go Girls” called Go Gos Galore to do gigs there. One night I had 4 of them on stage doing a set routine. They were wearing long cardigans which finished below their knees. About 1 minute into the number the girls undid the buttons very slowly, and let their cardigans drop to the floor. They were only wearing matching bras and panties together with leather chain mail mini dresses, so there was nothing left to the imagination. As you can understand, the people on the dance floor soon stopped dancing and just looked at the girls in amazement. Pat (Gibbons) was in another area of the club but soon realised that something was different in the dance area so he came out to investigate. Once he saw the girls he ran over to me and insisted that they get dressed again as he was concerned that he may lose his licence……..needless to say we all made a rush exit from the club much to the disappointment of those there.
    They were good days then.

      1. Hi Barry………I just happened across your message a few minutes ago………..I’ll drop you a line……..Hans

  7. Han’s, I remember you, in those day’s The Zhivago Club was an institution, I have travelled all over the World since then, I now live in New York City, but I have never found a city with as much night life, character, excitement and intrigue as Dublin, and the characters, including yourself, were something out of a good character movie. I remember a young Eamon Devalra, who ran a club across the road in Baggot Street,before my old friend Frank Conway took it over, Eamon owed me some money, and when I went to the club to see him, I was told at the door I was barred from the club, but I still went in, and sat Eamon in a Flambue Pan when he was still using it to cook at a table, we all finished up at Harcourt Terrace police station, in John O’Byrnes Rolla, where the desk sargent told Dev, “Get out of here, your family as not got the power here”, I have often wondered what happened to Kathy, when Pat died I was living in Nottingham in the U.K. one morning I got a call from Kevin Begley informing me about the accident, and at the same time saw a picture of Pat on the morning news, I felt like I had lost a brother, that is how close we were. Did you know that Pat Quinn was supposed to go on that flight, but refused to get on the small plane ?.
    I would like to take this opportunity to wish all of my old pal’s in Ireland a Happy and Prosperous New Year.

    Freddy Bailey

    1. Hi Freddie, hope this message finds you well. I’d have fair and fond memories of Pat Gibbon’s and know some what of what Cathy did after Pat’s passing! I was aware of Pat Quinn’s refusal to fly on the ill fated plane on its return from the ‘Beaujolais Noveau’ race. I remember the shock of it well. You may remember my parents John and Pam Healy? They would have stayed in touch with Margaret Pat’s wife for many years after Pat’s death. Notably his house in Killiney has recently gone on the market for a whopping €10 million, I think he paid under a £100’000 punts at auction beating the Canadian Embassy at the time. I remember seeing a headline in the Irish Times stating it was the highest price ever achieved for a domestic dwelling in Ireland. Had many a good time in that house growing up..

  8. Hi Freddy thanks for mentioning some names from the past. I remember Kevin well as he was in our circle of friends then. The others included, Kenny McArdle (spelling) who was killed racing a red E Type at Drummoyne…….. I was the last person to speak with him on the grid. Stuart Fox who was killed during a hill climb in his BRG MG Midget……..his family owned a shop on St.Stephens Green. Michael Fitsimmons and his brother Cyril. Michael went on to establish Dublin Garages on NCR. Bryan Archer, known as “The Bow & Arrow”. Somehow he had the nack to live like a millionaire without working! Brian Leonard, who had a Rolls Royce and a Mercedes-Benz 600 at the same time and were worth more than his home! Foolishly I once raced his MB 600 at the Phoenix Park car races. Johnny Mahon, he was the best driver in the group and used to drive “self drive hire cars” in production car races much to the annoyance of the Avis people who could not work out why the tyres would be down to the thread after just one weekend! I did buy some cars from John O’Byrne, but most of mine came from Charlie Gunn who had Murphy & Gunn’s in Dublin.
    The very first decent club in Dublin was “Croc’s” which was in Baggott Street. It was started by the sons of the then Persian Ambassador to Ireland and was named thus as they had a small crocodile in a water tank on the way in. It was very intimate and only held about 35 people tops.
    The next one similar to this was “Elizabeth’s” which had a very good restaurant and a small dance floor for about 20 people. The DJ was Sheelagh Cunningham who later married Frank Conway. Her father was the leading bookmaker Joe Cunningham.
    Once Zhivago’s started it set a new trend as it was much larger and the buzz was terrific.
    As I think of more memories I will post them here.

    1. Delighted to hear Hans in Australia and from Freddy in New York.
      That’s more great history Hans, thanks very much for sharing.

      I have a few more adverts and features from Dublin early 1970s clubs & will scan and post very soon.

    2. Hi Hans. I remember going to Elizabeth’s with you way back when! Was in Ireland for last two weeks taking in the Rugby Internationals and popped into the Ballsbridge Hotel (old Jury’s and Intercontinental). Saw the Dubliner Bar and remembered being there with Louis Murray, Judy Hill, Brian Archer etc,. The Coffee Dock was another haunt and the old Social and Personal in Brown Thomas for lunch. Dublin has changed so much but the memories remain. I headed for London in early 1970 and only come back for visits. Hope all well with you.

      1. Hello Angela,
        My apologies for not having written sooner, but I have only just now come across your message above. Yes I remember Elisabeth’s very well as I was usually there every Saturday night. The food was always excellent and one time I was dining with Brian Leonard and we enjoyed the meal so much, we ordered it again immediately afterwards. Of course in those days they allowed smoking there so I would invariably have to go outside every hour for a breath of fresh air. Normally we would exist at about 4.00am, and the head down to the Intercontinental for breakfast and then get into bed around 7.00am. Nowadays, I’m in by 11.00pm and getting up at 5.30am – such is age!
        Elisabeth’s was named after the Irish model Liz………….I’ve forgotten her name. She is tall and with dark hair and needless to say beautiful. She was one of my favourite models when I was a fashion photographer there.
        I am led to believe that Louis and Judy are no longer married, and I’m not sure what The Bow is doing, but I’m sure he’s doing okay. Having not been to Ireland for 17 years, I am thinking of paying it a visit soon to see the changes for myself.
        Am I correct in saying that your father had something to do with the hotel on St.Stephen’s Green?
        Also your surname was Fab…
        Please forgive me if I’m incorrect.
        I di watch the rugby when it was on in Dublin a couple of weeks ago………….now that i am living here in Australia (38 degrees today) I wasn’t sure who to support, but in the end it was Ireland…….as they won!
        I really must post some more items here about the showbiz scene in Ireland back then…..

  9. Dear Freddy, Hans, John G, Mike, Jackie et all

    I hope you don’t mind me jumping in here. Just wondered if any of you could help me with some research.

    I’m a DJ and live music promoter at an Irish bar in London called The Gipsy Hill Tavern. As part of our St Patrick’s Day celebrations I would like to pay homage to Zhivago’s, with a 70s-80s disco on Friday 15th March. Many of our punters and the landlord have fond memories of the club but unfortunately it was just a bit before my time (I’m more of the Lillie’s Bordello/Raynards era).

    To do the evening justice I’d like to get my set list as close as possible to what was played back in the day. There’s nothing to beat the reaction of someone who hears a song they haven’t heard in decades and watching their faces as all those happy memories come flooding back.

    If anybody can recall the tunes played please let me know as it would really help with our tribute to Zhivago’s.

    Thanks in advance of any ideas/thoughts, it’s greatly appreciated.

    Warm regards,

    Gerry aka DJ Mighty Craic

    1. Hi Gerry,
      Several tunes come to to mind, I remember when I bought from England the James Brown record “Sex Machine”, this was not available on the Irish market, it went down very well, then there was Charley Murphy who did a good rendision of “Only Make Believe” and we had a great group from Belfast, The “Chips”, they did a cover of the Beach Boy’s “Good Vibrations”, a very difficult number to cover, we paid the Chips 75.00 punts a night, and they came all the way from Belfast, also Big Jim Farley played at Zhivago on a Monday night, he did a great version of “Got to get you into my life”, great sounds of day’s gone by.

      Best Regards to your following at “The Gipsy Hill Tavern”,

      P. S. Yu know my background is the traveling fairgrounds of England, some called us Gipsy’s.

  10. Hey Freddy,

    Good to meet you in cyberspace and thanks for the prompt feedback, very helpful and great songs too I might add, will def get them into my set list. As it happens my mum and dad’s first dance was a slowey to Lara’s Theme form Dr Zhivago.

    I didn’t know your background but you will be interested to know the area I live in had a very high gypsy population back in Victorian times hence the name. The gipsies have long moved on but there is still a strong local Irish community.

    Will keep you posted on how the nite goes. In the meantime thanks again for your help and take care.

    Kind regards,


  11. Greetings to all Zhivago card holders, I still have mine.Those were the Days of good entertainment. I use to live in Upper Mount Street and made those frequent trips to the local Club. Comps, Sunday to Thursday or paid for weekends. Up the stairs, let our coat and headed for a glass of wine.Beside a DJ, there use to be a live band. There is a lot of good memories of Zhivago’s but ??? To all those who wrote in, sure we cross parts, may be at the jacks or wine bar, Happy to to know you have not parted, but still around. Cheers ! ” Love Story Begins at Zhivago’s” !

  12. Hi I worked in the Revolution Club in 72-73 as cashier, I remember Dev and Eleanor his friend and of course Andy. I wonder where they are now? And Charlie Murphy who married Tara Mooney, he had a Club in O’Connell Street called Good Time Charlie’s. Anyone got any news?

    1. Not sure if anyone else responded to this post but Tara Mooney is my cousin. Lives in d states now – still as fabulous looking today as she was back then. Charlie passed away many years ago. RIP

    2. wow I was there 7 nights a week back then, loved the beef curry, and dubonnet and white lemonade,anyone remember the band snake hips? lead singer was fantastic

  13. Freddy Bailey, if you see this , did you know my father Eamon O’Malley ? He and pat where first cousins and I often hear him talking about the zhivago .. Curiosity just has me here , hope you see this

  14. Anyone remember pam in zhivagos

  15. Yes Pam worked in the wine bar worked with her many a night

  16. I Dj’d in both Napoleons and Kojaks back in the 70’s. 2 very different clubs. Napoleons had the DJ locked in a cage for his protection. Kojaks, formerly the Revelution had some great bands. Remember Linda Martin with Chips, Helen Shapiro, DJ Tony Prince to name just a few

    1. I remember Linda Martin and the Chips, this group from Belfast used to play for us at the Zhivago Club, they played for the grand sum of 75.00 pounds, and came all the way from Belfast.

      I remember they did the best cover job of tThe Beach Boys “Good Vobrations”, a very difficult song to do live. Charly Murphy never liked following them, after they came of stage, but he did a great cover job of Conway Twitty’s “It’s Only Make Believe”. I remember bringing a James Brown record to Dublin, called “Sex Machine” at that time we were the only club playing it.

      Great songs and great times, in those day’s, Dublin had the best Night Life in Europe,

      Stay well old friends.

      Freddy Bailey

    2. hello Brian not many here remember Napoleons but it had the best Dj’s in Dublin at the time probably the best Disco aswell…I worked there in ’78 and ’79 and it had a least one Riot every week-end a place where those barred everywhere else were sure to get in at Napoleons…

      1. One of Napoleons owners was Pat Hickey who is currently residing in Brazil. Yes, that Pat Hickey. He also worked on the door

  17. Does anybody remember the resident bands in Zhivago in the 70s. Monday, The Strangers, Tuesday, Chateau, Wednesday, The Others etc. Sadly some are no longer with us. It was a well run club. If I remember correctly Denis Hickey was the Manager. I was a musician with one of the bands and have many happy memories of playing in the club. Regards to all those that worked and danced there. Billy.

  18. Chris Lundy here. Our band SOME PEOPLE played in Zhivago in the 70’s and we always had a great time there. It was the only time in my life that I received a black eye. This came from a punter just when we finished playing a shortened version of our National Anthem and the ensuing melee was broken up by Lugs Brannigan’s so, who was a bouncer then. Chris

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