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Sloopy’s Night Club – Fleet St, Dublin,1970s


sloopys_eve_press_77 pat_kenny ulick_oconnor

from Evening Press, 1977 (thanks to Paul Donnelly)


from In Dublin 1980


advert 1978


From Man Alive 1975


spotlight 1970

A number of people posted comments on our previous post on Sloopy’s back in October. One was, Mike Wright who installed its sound system and was a DJ in the club. According to Mike the club held up to 1500 people. Mike also said, “Sloopy’s started in D’Olier Street beside the Gas Co.  Sloopy’s was opened in D’Olier St. by Michael Ryan & Michael Murphy in 1969 to 1971, and moved to Fleet St. in 71/72.”

Scans above are from various mags through 1970 to 1980. The top one is from New Spotlight, August 1971. Interesting set of judges for that Miss Sloopy competition in 1977!


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  1. Hi
    Fantastic to see Sloopy’s posts !!!
    I DJ’d there, for about 10 great years, from 1979 – 1988?, during which time it changed owners, changed managers and changed DJs …. but i remained through it all !! and it also changed its name to ‘Jaggers’ and eventually closed, in the late 80’s. I then moved with the TR7 driving manager (a great great guy) Denis Hickey (ex-Zhivago), to his new Club in Stepaside (Club Apres).
    I also DJd during those years, at Bubbles, the Afrospot, the Apartment, the Harp, Blooms and more – I was fortunate indeed !!


    • Hi John McDonnell here. I was the person who put the Afrospot on the map. I was the promotions manager and DJ THERE. I would love to do a reunion, playing all the sounds I used to play back in the day. I would make it a non profit event, so the people who went there, could re-live the best Friday and Saturday night out in Dublin. Mail me if anyone reading this is interested…


  2. Yeh I loved Sloopys in the 70’s we went on a Thurs and Sunday, got free passes. I have photos taken with DJ (?) and a bouncer after winning a huge ‘Popeye’ . Also went to Zhivago and Lord Johns. Oh did we love to dance.


  3. In August 1973, I was a 17 years old Frenchman in Dublin and nearly every night I used to go to Sloopy’s where I had so much fun! I keep good memories of this good old time in Dublin and especially in this great night club where music was excellent and girls awsome!


  4. I frequented Sloopys in 1969, I knew I was right when I said it wasn’t always in Fleet St. but I’m the only one old enough to remember when it was beside the Gas Company office it seems. Ended up there once after an Office Xmas Party, sorry if we were bit loud that night but had a great time. Somebody remind me where Zhivagos was, I’v forgotten.


  5. Zhivagos was in Baggot St. It was great, 2 floors, had games machines, air hockey and pool tables. Was so great I loved it. I remembering pestering DJ downstairs to play Bob Marley. So good to dance to. Gosh they were the real Good old days.


  6. I spent a lot of time at Sloopys. What a great place to go. Enter off Fleet Street through the mesh door and down the steps to a basement full of life, music and friends. I walked by there one day and the building had been demolished but you could still see the remains of the club, with the booths, paintings and history all there in the pouring rain.


  7. Sloopys was a big part of me life 1981-82. Tuesday night was my favourite. Simon Young was DJ and we made so many friends there. You just did not miss a Tuesday night. About 22 of us would meet in Hunters or Bernie Inn and then it was on to the best night club that ever was


  8. My aunt ran tge miss sloopy and the mr sloopy it wad dance the night awsy onr bottle od duboni beteen the gang . Platforms and style


  9. I was 15 when I used to go to Sloopys – never a problem getting in – just used to get a lad to say she is with me….great memories – I remember there were two girls used to dance there all the time and they had short permed curly hair and they used to dance together all the time – they were great at the bump!!!


  10. Myself and a group of friends from Crumlin went there every Saturday night in 74 We also danced in Tiffanys which was behind Roches Stores in Henry St also the Apartment round the corner from Sloopys


  11. Played at Sloopy’s, August 23rd, October 11th, & December 20th,1969 with a 7 piece soul band called Sketto Rich & Sonority. Played the keyboard. I still have a souvenir tank-top (T-shirt) shirt from that club. Music was good back then,,,


  12. I used to work in Penney’s in Mary Street, and one Monday night met my friend Ger in town for a drink after work. We decided to go to Sloopy’s, which would undoubtedly be bursting with available girls throwing themselves at us. We paid an exorbitant entrance fee, only to find we were the only ones there! We had a quiet meal of chicken and chips then wended our way sadly home to Dun Laoghaire on the 46A.


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