aer lingus Sunday Times March 1970
hostess left

We’ve scanned this double page Aer Lingus advert from the Sunday Times Magazine, March 1970.
The hostess uniform is the one designed by Digby Morton with hat by Frank Saunders as previously featured here┬ávia Woman’s Way 1970.

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  1. The text of the add is beautifully understated, even a bit tongue-in-cheek. Yeah, they know they’re good (and they were – English friends of ours always said how they loved travelling Aer Lingus back then, as opposed to BEA) but it’s quite subtle the way it comes across. That old Aer Lingus logo… I still get a bit of a throwback when I see it. A few years ago they had a plane done up in it for some anniversary – I wasn’t the only one at the airport who did a bit of a double-take on seeing it!

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