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Stephen’s Green & Grafton St Area 1960/61 – RS Magowan

stephens-green stephens-green-artcreation-arcade


We’ve scanned four more photos from this 1961 book of photographs by R.S Magowan called “Dublin and Cork”.

The top 2 photos are from Stephen’s Green. The third one is the Creation Arcade, just off Grafton St, which opened in 1959 and was demolished in January 2013.

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  1. Creation arcade demolished in 2013 (?) – is this where Top Shop is now – I can’t remember where it was? That looks like a fairly affluent Dublin, look at those cars on the street, looks more like New York.

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  2. Gawd, had no idea Creation Arcade was gone! In 2013???? Blimey! I tend to avoid that area now, anyway. Grafton St. is so tatty. Even up to the 70s it still had a bit of class but it’s just grotty now.

    Ok, rant over. Lovely pics, Doug. The ladies are so well turned-out, very elegant. The “older” gent in the second one, just to the right of the pic, kinda looks like he’s using a mobile šŸ˜

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  3. Those pics reminded me of the 50s (?) song by Noel Purcell (I think?). Dad, a Dub, used to sing it:

    “Dublin can be heaven
    with coffee at eleven
    and a stroll in Stephen’s Green
    there’s no need to hurry
    there’s no need to to worry
    you’re a king, and the lady’s a queen

    Grafton Street’s a wonderland
    there’s magic in the air
    there are diamonds in the lady’s eyes
    and gold dust in her hair.
    And if you don’t believe me
    come and meet me there
    in Dublin on a sunny summer’s morning.”

    Ok, not so magical if you were living in the flats in York St., or a newsboy with bare feet selling the Herdild ‘n’ Press… (the “Herald Boot Fund” apparently was a charity to buy them shoes, so Dad told me.Anyone know?). But still… lovely pics. Thanks, Doug. J.


  4. Didn’t even know the Creation Arcade existed & I lived in Dublin for years !
    People dressed to the nines just going into town those days.


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