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Now almost 114 years old, Ireland’s Own is Ireland’s longest running weekly magazine. On its 75 anniversary special in 1977, the editorial stated…

The first Ireland’s Own appeared on November 26, 1902.
The aim of the publishers was to provide a wholesome Irish magazine as a counter to the alien and not so wholesome literature that was about.

These 4 covers are all  illustrated by Sean Slattery whose work we have featured on the site in the past.



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  1. Friends of our family who lived in London (he was a builder on the Victoria Line in the 60s) always bought that mag, and the first time I ever remember reading it – or more likely browsing through it – was actually in London, around the same time as the ones featured here, summer of ’71 I think. Never remember seeing it at home, although I probably wasn’t looking anyway. Victor and Hornet and Hotspur were more on the menu at that stage.

    Donal Mac Amhlaigh’s “Dialann Deoraí” was on the course for the Leaving Cert. in the 70s. I wasn’t particularly fond of Irish but that book was a hell of a lot more real to me than Mo Scéal Féin and Peig and all the rest of that stuff, probably because I knew people who were actually doing the sort of work he describes, and I’d been in Irish clubs and pubs in London. Some of them were pretty hard men, all right. He was a good writer and the Irish wasn’t too difficult, as I recall.

  2. Yes it was fascinating to read

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