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Scanned by Brand New Retro from The Hornet, September, 1969.

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  1. Class Jackie Charlton article. I used to get my ‘Score’n’Roar’ at Schewer’s in Drogheda. ‘Raven on the wing’ and “Jimmy of City’ were my favourites. But to be honest I enjoyed my sisters’ comics more. ‘the willing hands of Meg Miller’, ‘the Four Mary’s’ were pearls of wisdom for a 10 year old boy. Superior character development and strong narrative arcs. And ‘Slave of the tennis racket’ told me all I needed to know in those pre BDS days by the Boyne.

    1. Dad used to get me the “Victor” every Saturday, from about 1967 to when I was about 13, I think. One mate got the “Hotspur” and someone else got “Hornet”. So we were in boy pig-heaven, with all the swopping. I think Victor and Hornet were rated the best, with Hotspur somewhere behind. God knows why. If anyone “held on” to one and didn’t pass it on it was considered serious biz, worthy of a fight. Not that we needed much excuse for that, mind.

      1. It says: “September 20th 1969 Every Tuesday”

        Except that 20/9/69 was a Saturday. Doug: could you have the one version with a mistake that’s now worth gazillions on the Rare Hornet collector’s market??????!!!!! 😁

        Not normally nerdy like this, but my birthday would have been 6 days later and that year it was on a Friday. I remember because I sprained my ankle jumping off an 8′ wall. Which was ok in a way because I got a bit off school and one of my favourite prezzies was The Victor annual so loads of time to go through it.

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