The Brand New Reto book by Brian McMahon is a uniquely Irish compendium of over 700 images, adverts and articles featuring the best bits from this site along with lots of new scans.

The book is a collaboration with my pal Joe Collins and is published through Liberties Press and is available in all good book shops.

Many thanks to Luke McManus for making the promo video (below).

Links to reviews of book below.

Irish Examiner
The Journal
Totally Dublin
Sunday Business Post
Musings on Music, Books and Life – Book of the Year

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  1. Brilliant! I will forward to cv – he’s in London again but hope we can both make this launch. I will definitely be at it!


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  2. Love it! Congratulations!!

  3. When will in be available for the diaspora.

  4. congrats! Looking forward to buying a copy. T

  5. Can it be pre ordered?

    1. Yes, Le Pingouin, but not just yet. Check back here in a couple of weeks as I’ll be posting updates.

  6. That is wonderful news! And November 12th just happens to be my birthday! Congratulations! Will the launch be an afternoon or evening affair?

      1. Precisely what I was going to ask, Dub Doug! Many Crimbo presents sorted already. What’s not to like? See yeh there.

  7. As a matter of sheer curiosity, Doug: the picture of the news-stand on the blog front page. It’s got the Evening Press in the lower right-hand corner, and the “Sunlight Soap” box in the lower left-hand… wow! Looking at the stonework behind it: I’d say it’s maybe the portico of the Bank of Ireland in Westmoreland St? Any idea, or when? 80s? But apart from the Evening Press, and the Sunlight Soap, it could be anywhere. Like I say, just curiosity.

    1. Jaykay, you know what they say, curiousity killed Peter Bonetti! But I like it. Great spot with the Sunlight Soap box. We shot the photo earlier this year – filled the stand with a selection of mags from my collection. Loads more on the story behind the cover very soon.

  8. Great interview on radio 1 this morning. Been a fan of the site for years. Went to order and Amazon says it’s still only pre-order.
    Had hoped to get myself the book, as being in the UK am a wee bit far from my nearest easons!

  9. Well done Duggie .

  10. Well done Duggie ,

  11. I bought a copy today in Hodges-Figgis I cant thank you enough for getting this book into print. I’m a huge collector and fan of general pop culture from the 60’s to around the mid 90s, and as someone born raised and living in Dublin, its always frustrated me that my own country never celebrates and re-evaluate this aspect of its past.
    This book and website is really unique, a total one off. Thanks so much for all the time and effort XX

  12. Hugh, that’s fantastic – thanks for buying it and for the really kind words. Happy New Year!

  13. Just saw this site today by chance,is that book still available.That magazine GUN and it’s cover looks brill,is it in the book????well done great to finally get something out on fashion and style in Ireland from the 60’s and 70’s,

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