Barbarellas, Fitzwilliam Lane, Dublin 2
Sloopys, Fleet St, D2
Samanthas, Leeson St, D2
Bojangles – Leeson st. “for people who haven’t given a party that night or haven’t been invited to any”
Lord John’s, Sackville Place, D1



This is a very welcome addition to our existing posts about the Dublin nightclub scene from the 1970s.
We’ve scanned the entire 5 page feature on Dublin Discos from Magill Magazine, November, 1978.
Photos are by Tony O’Malley Studio and the article – well worth reading – is by Gene Kerrigan.

(Interesting that the article covers Dingos club just off Mary St and makes reference to a group from London, called the Addix who performed on the night of Magill’s visit. It doesn’t say it in the article, but the Addix featured a young Kirsty MacColl on vocals)

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