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We’ve scanned this one page article from New Spotlight, ¬†March 1969. Pics by Roy Esmonde.

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  1. catherine green’s the one for me…look at the glint in that girls eyes…i would have tried charming her to cadge some purple hearts from the chemist she worked in.

  2. Poor ‘ol John Redmond looks as if someone gave him a black eye!

    Friends of our family went to London around 1961, straight after they were married. He worked as a tunneller, building the new Vicoria Line (part of which actually went nearly under their (then) house in Walthamstow – 3-bed, back-to-back, outdoor toilet. He was earning huge money for the time, much of which was classed as a “danger bonus”, as well as massive overtime. Something like ¬£90 p.w. at the end of the 60s. Mind you, he earned it. And he never drank, so he rapidly went from labourer to ganger to foreman. Great people, they’d give you their last penny.

  3. not many like that jaykay,most earned great money,broke their backs getting it and drank nearly all of it.

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