don & phil everyly Kelly Nevada-1966 roy-esmonde This photo shoot by Roy Esmonde appeared only in black & white when first published in the June, 1966 issue of New Spotlight. (see scans below)  The colour pic above later appeared in 1990 in a book called ‘The Swinging Sixties’.

Phil (on the left above ) & Don are pictured with Irish showband singer Kelley and are all dressed in clothes from Dublin shops & boutiques. Phil died, aged 74, earlier this month.

don & phil everyly-kelly-nevada-1966-dublin

don & phil everyly-kelly-nevada-1966-dublin

don & phil everyly-new-spotlight-1966-dublinAll pages scanned by Brand New Retro

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  1. My auntie Betty’s fav duo

  2. oh god i loved that…i bet the everlys loved doing that in ireland…the clothes look great too.

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