One of RTE TV’s first announcers, Nualla Donnely,  model Helen Kelly and  model/actress Penny Chatterton featured in 3 different adverts for Vitahpointe hair conditioner which ran in Miss Magazine duing the autumn of 1966.
All scanned by Brand New Retro

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  1. “… from a top Telefís Éireann announcer”

    Yeah, her and Blaithín 🙂

    Seriously, Ireland was a country really stuck for “glamour”, wasn’t it, that a continuity announcer was a figure of some note? And that on a TV channel that didn’t even start until well into the afternoon and closed down at, or before, midnight. Not being cynical here, really, just remarking on how things were. Up our neck of the woods we barely ever watched (R)TÉ in those days. There was nothing on it for kids compared to the opposition.

  2. Great product – no wonder it has been on the market for so long – my Grandma introduced it to me when I was about 16years of age – I am 65 now & find it is the best daily conditioner for my hair.

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