sunbeam-aran sunbeam-aran sunbeam-woman-aran tivoli-spinners bainin No dates on any of these, but all but the bottom 2 scans are from the 60s.
Tivoli Spiiners were based in Tivoli, Cork and a member of the Youghal Group of Companies. Sunbeam Kitting Wools based in Millfield, Cork.
All scanned by Brand New Retro

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  1. Those two boys on pattern no. 5 had dangerously long hair for 1968. Just sayin’…

    1. JayKay, that & the bottom one are from the 70s. Sometime after 1971 (decimilsation). Look closely and spot the 25p price in biro!

  2. Hi are these patterns still available and are they for sale thanks

  3. The top picture Irishwoman’s Journal/Sunbeam features the MacLean’s advert girl. I have always wondered who she was and have never been able to find out..She must be in her 60s now (like me)..I will continue to search..

  4. Girl in the first ad is very cute.

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