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This is our first ever post on Irish Woman’s Journal, which described itself as Ireland’s national monthly journal for the thinking woman.
We’ve scanned a selection of pages from the 48 pages contained within issue no. 3 from January, 1966.
Like its competitors from that time (eg Miss Magazine and Woman’s Way) The Irish Woman’s journal  is A4 in size and almost one-quarter of its content is adverts.
We’ve included the list of contents & editorial above. Writers included June Levine (who at some stage also edited the magazine) and Terry Keane.
PS If anyone knows where on the Brewery Road, Stillorgan the featured show house is located please let me know so that I can pin it to our map. Thanks.

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  1. That house is in Leopardstown Gardens, just in behind where the Leopardstown Inn is these days. I knew I recognised it and Google street view confirmed it. The design is very distinctive, with the garage (now mostly converted) sticking out front and the sort of panel effect. Bit more than 5 mins from Stillorgan Shopping Centre, though, unless you wre driving. Must have been a bitch to heat once the 70s oil crisis came, with that open plan living/dining room. And looking at the fablicious groovy-baby decor scheme, how hilarious is it that they could write this with a straight face: “The nineteenth century was an era noted for its lack of good taste, especially in houses and furniture…”

    1. Jaykaypedia comes to the rescue again. Thanks Jaykay! Will update the map later


      1. Spent time in that general area back in the 70s. Some Dundalk heads who were at UCD were near enough too. Brings it all back, Kinda, sorta. Ish.

  2. worked for the mag. 1966-67 as freelance photographer. June was a great friend, helped me and my partner set up in Dublin.

  3. I stumbled onto this page with delight! I presently have the February 1966 magazine in front of me and it has the second part of the Maura Laverty story in it “Golden Web” part II. She was my great aunt and I’d love to read part 1 of the story. I wonder if you could email it to me? 🙂

    p.s. I especially enjoyed the Catholic church approved form of birth control ad… OMG!

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