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Review of Self Aid concert May 17, 1986 scanned from Record Mirror. Words Stuart Bailie, pix Patrick Quigley

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  1. I remember the ads on the telly with yer man Smiley Bolger shouting into a wellie (wasn’t there something about “fill the boot”?). He was in a rowboat, for whatever reason. And for whatever reason I didn’t actually get to go to it, although the reason was more than likely the perennial lack of funds that seemed to be a permanent feature of our 4-bloke, 1-rented-telly-and-video house in those days. But I’m sure we had it on the box, with the home-brew in full deployment mode. Someone may even have recorded selected bits on one of those yellowpack tapes we had a lot of.

  2. I still have a bootleg VHS of the entire broadcast that I bought in London in ’87 – I find quite a lot of the music unlistenable now, starting with Those Nervous Animals, touted as The Next Big Thing at the time – yikes!

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