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  1. Loved that shop “Here Today” – it used to do “exotic” things like chilis that you wouldn’t get in your average supermarket, or veg shop. Not where we lived anyway. Morton’s in Dunville Avenue was a pretty bog-standard little place back then. Now where was “Julia’s Hot Bread Shop”… Grafton St? I think that orange-coloured shop in the background (with the boxy FIAT passing it) in Rathmines Road was a shoe-repair shop, no?

  2. i know the guy holding the big pack

  3. Thats’s me! Top second from left at the photo exhibition, shot by Tony Higgins, who is still working as a top photographer. The women I’m with I did’t know (honest Judge) we both just were asked to step into shot by Tony.

  4. Thought the Govt. Health Warning on tobacco ads only arrived far later than 1980…

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