scanned from New Spotlight May 1970

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  1. just found your site. I am the dee-jay Mike Allen. Fantastic to see this article, so long ago, great fun at the time.

  2. Great to hear from you Michael. Love this post!

  3. James Mc Quaid here brings back great memories Michael was very good D J had some great times those days thanks for the memories

    1. Anyone know of a band from Kells called the threads 1978?

  4. Did any of you know of a band called the threads in the area in the late 70s.? 1978

  5. sometime in the 1970’s we appeared on RTE television with an interview about our disco and showing paintings (I tried to be an artist at the time!) The show was LIKE NOW and the presenter was Danny Hughes. The main guest on the show on that night Helen Shapiro. Tom Murray was manager at the time, the same Tom that appears in the Miss Kells photos; Tom is recently deceased RIP. I think Spotlight may have reported on the show. I wonder are there any stills or photos out there. The site is brilliant and brings back many memories! Thanks. Mike Allen

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