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Skank Mooks party with Virgin Prunes, Dublin, Nov 1978

prunes_1980_hugo_mcguiness On the back of this old photo it says, Reduce 2″ high, please retain burnt edges. Page 67 – Virgin Prunes 1980 – Photo -Hugh McGuinesss.

On 22 November 1978, the Virgin Prunes appeared at a chaotic gig featuring many bands including Strange Movements, New Versions, the Citizens and the event organisers, the Skank Mooks. It took place in St Anthony’s Hall, Wellington Quay, (close to the Ha’penny bridge), Dublin,  My brother Eamonn was at the gig and below is his account of if as it appeared in issue 1 of his fanzine Too Late from December 1978.
If you can overcome the poor handwriting,  its worth a read.

too-late-issue1-december-1978 skank-mooks-party-review-virgin-prunes

**** Update 19/2/2013 ****
The review from Too Late fanzine of this gig (scan above) mentions the fuss surrounding Strange Movements and whether they would play or not.  Now thanks to Garry O’Neill of Where Were You we have some photos of this row. Garry says …
“I got the photos from a lad called Ronan who was a friend of Turlough’s brother Cathal, while collecting material for Where Were You?

That’s Turlough from Strange Movements looking like Jamie Oliver in a leather jacker in photo 4 and 5, and his brother Cathal with George or Dick Purdy in the background in photo 6, possibly taken during a sound check. There is also another photo that i have to dig out of the Virgin Prunes on stage.”

Turlough Hill is still my favourite made up name from the Punk era.

Many thanks to Garry for photos. See the Where Were You?  Facebook site for loads of other pix.
Strange-Movements-1978-turlough hill




Strange Movements at the Skanks Mooks gig #6


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  1. I remember that gig really well for many reasons. It seemed like the Skank Mooks had an army on stage; Berlin for their dreary we are going to London to make it big bluster which they repeated at every gig I saw them play and the Virgin Prunes who were weirdly entertaining – something that could never be said about their Lypton Village compatriots U2.

    It was also a seminal moment for the emergence of the lumpen punks who went for all that London leather jacket, spitting, mohican bollocks. Up to then the Dublin punk scene focussed around the crowd that went to the Radiators in Morans and bought Heat fanzine. We considered ourselves above all that real punk sort of thing.

    I remember your brother and chatting to him at the gig. I was with John, Martin and Duck and we had just formed a band called the Jags after being inspired by the Fabulous Fabrics and Heat Magazine. Played a couple of gigs in Rathmines and broke up. John Byrne eventually went on to form the Commotion and had a good little scene going around the Mood Club in Tommy Dunnes tavern, Temple Bar.


  2. Great comment Colm, thanks very much for posting. Couldn’t agree with you more regards the stereotype punks & all that “mohican bollocks”.
    Saw the Radiators many a time but missed all those early gigs in Morans, which I’ve always regretted. Lucky you!


  3. Oh, heat 5 attributes that qoute to the Hot Press, The Gamblers did have a pop at the fanzine might have mixed them up. Perhaps the Gamblers said it to the Hot Press?


    • Hi Jude
      I think it’s you. How is Carol?

      This is a link to the Buzzcocks live in Santa Anna Concert Club Mary street Dublin 1978.

      It says it was recorded in Lesser Free Trade Hall in Leeds but thats me and my brother Cathal in the front row minute “58”. Eamon Carr of Horslips was there that night dressed in Electric Blue Drapes and Blue Suede Brothel creepers. Hardly punk but a Real Cool Dude

      Turlough Hill
      Strange Movements


      • Eek. Now I’m even more confuseder. I saw the Buzzcocks in Dublin around then, but can’t for the life of me remember the name of the venue. I think it was a downstairs club, it didn’t have a stage as such, and there was no camera crews (1:06) there!


  4. congrats again,great piece.originally rathmines meself,never remember the jags-apart from the good english powerpop band later.Always wondered what happened to THE GAMBLERS,never once seen a picture of them.does anyone remember an outfit called THE WORST,who played at a punk gig up KILLINEY HEAD in the really early days,or was this a bit of punklore??


  5. I have a few photos from that gig that i was given while sourcing material for Where Were You? They show the Virgin Prunes on stage and a interesting backstage argument of some kind between members of Strange Movements and New Versions.

    Gerry, there was a Manchester? band called The Worst that supported the Buzzcocks in Trinity Collage, could they be the same band?


  6. hi Gerry, like Garry I remember the Worst as a Manchester band supporting the Buzzcocks in Trinity in 1978. They used a Chad Valley drum kit and Woolworths guitars and they were the worst only I thought they were great. They seemed pissed off that I liked them when chatting to them backstage afterwards. Well ahead of their time and were doing something similiar to Jesus and the Mary Chain. Another Dublin band from that era were the Kamikaze Kids. Did they ever do any gigs?


  7. only re found this site after a year,hi colm and could be right gary.fiddler and his sister from dun laoighre-is he still around-i think had something to do with that killiney hill gig.jaysus the kamikazee kids,remember the graffiti.lead singer with the fabulous fabrics,think the geezer who dressed like SUPERMAN,is a bank manager in Bank of Ireland,Mespil Road.Dermot Mullen,one of the dalkey punks,who’s brother Mick(now in arnheim!!!)played in 3 Ring Psychosis and Wheel might be able to help also.didnt fiddler also co organise the 24 hour punk show back in the day also.dermot Mullen is also a bank manager in Bank of Ireland Mespil Road.


    • does anyone have “Gordon of Khartoum” 7″ or “Hippy Hangover”7” by the new versions and the spies for sale at a reasonable ask each please?


  8. I have lots of memories of the Dublin Punk Scene. Hanging round Advannce records with Tall Tommy, Brum, Stone etc. All the venues and bands great days. Greenhead. (David Kelly)


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