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“Christmas 1978 and the first ever edition of Too Late hits the streets of Dundalk. A further four issues were produced during the following four years and sold around pubs & discos in Dundalk town.  While the first issue was heavily influenced by Punk fanzines, the magazines content evolved over the years into offering a humourous and irrelevant look at life in Dundalk for the young single male and female during the late 70s & early 80s.”

So said the associated note created for this year 2000 21st anniversary issue. This fanzine was primarily the work of its creator and editor, my brother. I helped too, as did some of our friends.  Here is a scan of first & second page of an article,  more to follow.

page 1 of Bagatelle review. Bagatell….Bagashite

The name ‘Too Late” was ironic, accepting that by the time we got around to doing it, the spirit of punk was dead. But long live the DIY energy and enthusiasm. The note goes on…

” All of this course predated computers, DTP, scanners, laser printers etc meaning the mag was largely hand-written with poor quality photos and layout. Nevertheless it proved quite successful with up to 1000 copies being sold per issue.”

It did, of course, lay the foundation for another Dundalk fanzine, “Jump”. More on this later.
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  1. Love the scans of the Bagatelle article. Quite a rant! Angry Young Man.
    I remember a lot of involved typesetting with Letraset letters. And cutting and pasting. Real cutting and pasting; with scissors and glue; none of your click-click lark.
    3 quid to see them in concert, eh? With an English support band; if you don’t mind.

  2. I’m sure I saw a Bagatelle Poster in Newry the other day!

    1. Bagashite, as CV called them. Any record shops still going in Newry?

      1. CV wasn’t wrong! I had very little exposure to them fortunately, might have glanced up to catch 2 seconds on the LLS, but thats about it!

        If you strictly mean a “record shop”, I don’t think so Doug. There may be an Oxfam for hard-core record collectors to browse in and come out smelling like an old welly!

  3. Just read both scans and I’m in tears of laughter! Eamon(n) nailed them suckers good! Alphabet soup – lmfao!

    1. FFS – Local backwater parochial rag just fell in the door, I gave it my usual cursory glance before consigning to the recycle pile…..but caught an article on Bagashite, they have a new Album of covers and it’s quote: “Going Down Very Well”, as one might expect. 😉

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