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From Sunday World, 8th Jan, 1978. Pix  Val Sheehan, words Sam Smyth

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  1. cant believe you got that article.had it sellotaped to my bedroom wall and remember the faces like it was yesterday.NOW if you could unearth a pictue of REVOLVER that would be ace.ex mod who runs rathmines glass,PAT,his cousin was lead singer with REVOLVER,think he was in RADIATORS as well.have their single.great band.

  2. used to have that Sunday World piece sellotaped to the bedroom wall.remember a couple of us in summer of 1976…the scorcher,being in Galway and the faces of locals who thought they’d seen some chjarcters from star trek or planet of the apes.The only folks who talked to me and my brother were two English girls who had some idea what we were about.Hibernia magazine had bits on punks and indeed skinheads in the early seventies if anyone cares to root around old archived copies.Also the limerick leaders had great articles on limerick’s skinhead problem and Limerick F.C’s attempts to deal with them.Also the Dundalk Argus and Sligo paper as there was big problems with skinheads there.

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