wimpy dorset st dublin 1 1968 phil lynott pat egan
From 1968, this is an advert from New Spotlight magazine for the Wimpy Restaurant (or Resturant even) at 50 Lr Dorset St, Dublin 1. This is just across the road from the Big Tree pub.  (See location here from Google Street view)

Phil was 18 and still with Skid Row when this was taken. I think that is DJ & columnist Pat Egan sitting beside him in the photo. (update 17/2: it is Pat Egan along with John Farrell – see comment below from Brian)

There was a Wimpy in Dundalk too. I can still smell the onions sizzling away on the heated slab.

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  1. That is Pat Egan beside Phil and a guy named John Farrell who was the lead singer with a band called The Dreams who featured Eric Bell on guitar.

    1. thanks for that Brian!

    2. John Farrell was formerly with the Dublin band ‘The Movement’ with Pat Quigley, Alan Thunder, & Paddy Mulvey. Pat Quigley lived just around the corner from the Wimpy, in Synnott Place where a lot of bands of the time rehearsed, including Skid Row with “Brush’ Sheilds & Phil Lynott , Pat Eagan who was ‘THE’ D.J. at the time lived jut a few streets away

      1. Thanks for info Gabrielle.

  2. This Wimpy Bar, was owned by the O’Brien family who also owned the Number 5 Club in Harcourt Street in the mid 1960’s and also the Moulin Rouge in North Great Georges Street, Both of them two great Dublin Clubs. I think when Brendan O’Brien sold up the family emigrated to Canada.

    1. hi guys ,you mean of course sth grt georges street for the moulin rouge,the number 5 in harcourt street was the best club by a country mile,those were the days

      1. Those were the days. 17 I was. Makes me sad. Joan

  3. Amazing find – Phil would have been 18 going on 19, as he was born in 1949

    1. Thanks Ed. I’ve updated post to say Phil was 18.

  4. as far as i know phil and the original skid row used to hang out in synnott place across the road from the wimpy. The Quigley family lived there. they used to rehearse in the house…

    1. Interesting. Thanks for that Ray.

  5. the guys in the photo with phil are joe staunton (guitar) and pat quigley (bass)

  6. a ‘whippsy’… i’m laughing my balls off at the idea of a young chap with broad dublin accent in a low drawl like geldof saying “sinead,can i have another whippsy when you get a moment”

  7. Loads and loads of memories of the Scene Beat club off North Frederick Street. Some great bands, including Movement, Granny’s Intentions, Vampires to name but a few. And of course Phil Lynott starting out.

  8. The Wimpy bar on Dorset St was originally called the ‘Aloha’ Wimpy Bar, and was owned by the O’Brien family.. they also owned the ‘Number 5 Club’ on Harcourt St, and the ‘Moulin Rouge’ on South Great George’s St.

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