phil lynott caroline crowther wedding married feb 1980

These pictures of Phil Lynott’s wedding are from Record Mirror, Feb, 1980. I don’t see any sign of them online, so thought it’d be nice to scan and post them here. Phil’s father in law was comedian, actor and game show host, Leslie Crowther who is in the top right hand picture with Phil and Caroline. And yes, the little baby with Phil is Sarah! The article below, by the late Paula Yates, talks about the stag and the wedding and is from the same issue of Record Mirror. I see Midge Ure was at Phil’s stag! Two months later Midge appeared with Lizzy on their Irish tour, which included a gig at Dundalk’s Downtown club on Easter Monday, 7th April. paula yates record mirror 1972 phil1RMFEB1980 Related Posts

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  1. Fantastic, Dougie! I’ve added your scan (the Brian Robertson pix) to the Wild Horses page. I’ve credited you and provided a link to your blog. Please let me know if you’d like me to remove the picture. Thanks for this! Hope to see more Lizzy related bits and bobs!

  2. In interviews Phil used to tell the tale of his asking Crowther Snr. for his daughter’s hand in marriage whereupon said gentleman replied “Wwell, you’ve had the rest of her so you might as well have her hand too”!

  3. Re: Thin Lizzy Gig Timeline
    Black Dog – 14.05.2006, 20:35
    Thin Lizzy Gig Timeline
    Ohne Gewähr…

    1970 —-
    2/18 Cloghran National School, Swords 2/20 St. Anthony’s Hall, Dublin 3/5 The Countdown Club, Dublin 3/9 Trinity College, Dublin 3/10 Liberty Hall, Dublin 3/28 The Astor, Belfast 4/24 The Carousel, Belfast 5/10 MacMordie Hall, Queen’s University, Belfast 6/13 Afton Club, Dundalk 7/4 Afton Club, Dundalk 7/14 St. Aidan’s Hall, Dublin 7/25 Afton Club, Dundalk 8/29 Afton Club, Dundalk 9/3 Dublin Music Festival, Richmond Park 9/8 Afton Club, Dundalk 10/24 Afton Club, Dundalk 11/14 Afton Club, Dundalk 12/12 Afton Club, Dundalk

    1971 —-
    1/2 Afton Club, Dundalk 3/?? Ronnie Scott’s Club, England 5/7 Granary, Bristol 7/24 Adelphi, Dundalk 9/22 Keel Club, Bathampton, Bath 10/11 Granary, Bristol ?/? Melksham, England supporting Arrival ?/? The Drill Hall, Gloucester with Help Yourself and Arrival


  4. Is it true that Leslie Crowther once said that his grandchild was starting off with all the advantages in life – Black, Irish and illegitimate?
    I hope it’s true because I’ve been telling this story for about 30 years.

    1. I’ve heard that too Enda… but was unable to find anything about it on the web, having done a quick search before doing this post. Was going to mention it. Maybe its a myth, like that one about the Drogheda guy masquerading as Bruce Springsteen’s helicopter pilot!

  5. Omg I would really love to see some pictures from the afton club as my grandad owned it and the building still belongs in the family can any1 help?

  6. man..paula was a stunner…what a shame

    1. Hi,
      Can you contact me through the contact details on the ‘About’ page above.
      I couldn’t get through on your email attached to comment.

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