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  1. Oooh. My mother had one of them. It was red and white with a picture of ME in it.

    1. Aaah sweet! Never had one = me no pop eye 🙂

  2. I remember buying these in Butlins with your own photos in them

    1. Deadly, bonus points for purchasing in Butlins

  3. You won’t believe this Doug but I have just got out my Pop-eye (I never knew it had a name) just over an hour ago to show someone a picture of myself aged about 7 taken in the Christian Brudders. It has survived for 45 years and my wellington boots still look class.

    1. Amazing Enda! Any chance of a photo! Of the pop eye and you in the wellies?

  4. OMG!! This is really bringing them out of the woodwork. We got them at school too, yer own individual picture! It was in late ’69 as I recall, short pants and big woolen socks – and scabbed knees de riguer. unfortunately I’ve lost it since, but it was a reddish colour. Never knew it was called a “pop-eye”

    1. Trust you Jaykay to have one! Admit it, you had one with “Gregory of the Cadets” in it! Re: your other comment on the Apex to Paris! I’m with you on that 100%. Bad old days!

      1. Trust me to have lost it! For some reason they did them that year instead of the usual class photo or whatever. Of course our parents had to pay. No idea what it cost but the next one was the whole class confirmation one which was in black & white and it has a faded price of 7/- on the back. Was that expensive for 1970?

        1. 7/- was too much, Jaykay. Only cost 5 bob, from the Key Co in Leeson St!


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