1957 dublin excursions cover
airport dublin 1950s

guinness 1950s Dublin

oconnell st dublin 1950s

unidare finglas dublin 1950s

aerial dublin 1950s from 1957 booklet

switzers dublin advert 1957

Above photos are from a book I received as a Christmas gift last month. Its an excursion booklet for the British Association for the Advancement of Science, which took place in Dublin in 1957. The list of over 20 excursions are listed below.

All the excursions, click to view

some example excursions 1957 Dublin
Some excursion details. Click to view.

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  1. I was wondering why they’d include the Unidare factory in a tourist booklet… then I saw it was for the Assocn for the Advancement of Science! Of course, they’d all probably have approved thoroughly of the proposed “development plans” for Dublin i.e. the destruction of many beautiful buildings which was just about to get underway then. Frank McDonald’s great book “The Destruction of Dublin” (1985) detailed it all, including naming many of the culprits. Pity it’s long out of print, and I’ve long lost my own copy. Sad reading.

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