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100 Reasons to be Cheerful – In Dublin, April 1980

100 reasons to be cheerful in dublin 1980 100 reasons to be cheerful in dublin 1980 p2 100 reasons to be cheerful in dublin 1980 p3One of this weekend’s English newspaper supplements had a main feature entitled,  “Reasons to be Cheerful”. It reminded me, not just of the Ian Dury track, but of a similar article (scans above) from In Dublin, back in April 1980, when it celebrated its 100th issue. This article is itself very similar to the subsequent “200 Reasons to stay in Dublin” feature from March 1984, when In Dublin celebrated its 200th issue.

Like this blog and like life, it’s all a circle. Just make sure to put a smiley face in it.  The evenings are getting longer.

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  1. Apex return to Paris £135… i.e. nearly 30% more than the average weekly industrial wage! They charged the same or more for London, as I remember to my cost a couple of years later, when I had to go real suddenly and the boat/train option wasn’t a runner. It cost about £170, practically all my savings gone, such as they were. I wasn’t able to get the “Apex” which meant booking 2 weeks in advance and staying over Saturday night as far as I recall. God, I really resented them. Never flew again until the 90s when Ryanair were well up and running.


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