Here is issue 3 of Man Alive, the self-proclaimed “Ireland’s first magazine for men”.
It was 1974 and it cost 40p. How much was 40p worth, back then? Well, in this same mag, a review of Captain Americas in Grafton St,  quoted the price of a quarter pound burger at 50p.
Selection of pages scanned and included below- some of which contain nudity.



dublin 1974 squashireland
full page advert for Squash Ireland






Hugo, looking so Marc Bolan!

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  1. Love your website and am fascinated by these old magazines!

    1. Thanks Pat, plenty more waiting to be scanned and posted…

  2. How long did Man Alive run for?I know it rings a bell from somewhere in my distant past,either hearing about it or seeing it for sale,I was born in 1974.

    1. David, it lasted at least 2 years – 1974 & 1975. There may be more beyond that but I don’t think so and I don’t have any copies beyond 1975.

  3. Fairly racy stuff it was for its time – ‘gay’ meant merry & bright back then…

  4. Is this worth anything I have same

  5. The model, who shall be nameless, for the nude cover and inside pages (a few missing here), was my art assistant in Hunter Advertising back in the day. A stunningly beautiful girl and way ahead of her time. This all caused her a real amount of serious trouble too. Jim FitzPatrick

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