hb choc pop 1968

HB 1985 Wibbly wobbly wonder 4_BRUNCH_1985 HB

I remember one thing about Prince Charles. His favourite group is the Three Degrees. I remember one thing about Noel Gallagher. His favourite ice pop is a Brunch. His love for Brunch – an ice pop not available outside Ireland – came from his annual summer holidays spent in Mayo as a child.
Above images selected and scanned from The Story of HB by Paul Mulhern & Kieran Fagan. The Golly Bar feature below is scanned directly from the book.
hb golly bar scan

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  1. totally delish!

  2. In 1990 the Vanilla mini tub and HB range were merged as hazel brook farm.

  3. HB Golly Bar, the tastiest unPC treat !

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