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Ice Pop Culture – Part 1 – HB – early 1970s

Or for just one half penny more….

fiddle sticks hb ice cream 70s

Above images scanned from The Story of HB by Paul Mulhern & Kieran Fagan.
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  1. The most popular adverts shown on RTE television since 1961. Overseas names are 10) Pond’s Cream, 9) Timotei Shampoo, 8) Bisto gravy, 7) Heineken, 6) Weetabix, 5) Kellogg’s, 4) Cars, 3) Hair Colour Men and Women, 2) Budweiser and 1) Washing Powder. Irish are 10) Harp Lager, 9) Murphy’s Stout, 8) Club Orange, 7) Jacob’s Biscuits, 6) Guaranteed Irish, 5) Sunday Independent, 4) Guinness, 3) Sno Yogurt’s, 2) Smithwick’s Ale and 1) HB Ice Cream.


  2. Cara Melba looks delicious ! I remember Little Devils and Little Angels, often the treat after Mass ( the Golf Ball chewing gums were for all day Sunday )…


  3. Cara Melba looks delicious – I remember Little Angel & Little Devil, often the post-Mass treat ( the rest of the 10p went on Golf Ball chewing gums which had to last all day Sunday )…


  4. Many HB Ice Creams demised a coming back in the run of the next few years from Sparkles to Super Split, Fruitline to Mint Choc of course. Upload more old and recent adverts for HB.


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