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Status – Irish Women’s News Magazine, 1981

status mag 1981 magill marian finucane
Above scan is an advert which appeared in Magill, January 1981 ahead of the launch of the first issue of its sister magazine, “Status” on 19 February, 1981. Twelve months & 10 issues later, Magill published a one page notice (see scan below) stating that publishing of future Status issues had been suspended.
Marian Finucane was the original Status editor, but Pat Brennan took over the role, and she, in the Magill 2000 edition, wrote a fantastic retrospective piece on the life & struggles of Status in Ireland, 1981. I’ve also scanned in Pat’s “Publish and be Damned” article below.

status mag 1981 magill
status mag 1981 magill
Magill end status of status jan 1982

Pat Brennan Magill 2000 retrospective on Status Magazine 1981
Pat Brennan page 2 Magill 2000 retrospective on Status Magazine 1981


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  1. Thanks for this.

    After I put a search in google for ‘women issues irish magazine’ or something to that effect, your blog came up. I can’t thank you enough because I’m now using Status as a topic for my history essay in my journalism masters class.

    I’ve also gone to the National Library and they have it all on file. Looks like a great publication, shame it only ran for a short time.

    Thanks again!


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