plunket shop sign moore st
I was walking down Moore St on Friday and noticed the builders were working in 16 Moore St., home to one of my favourite shop signs in Dublin. I wondered what kind of work they were doing and more importantly would the shop sign remain intact? It would be a sad day if the iconic Plunket lettering were to disappear.
The building looks to be in a terrible state but the letters in the sign look fine and I began to think of other uses for the letters. Turn the premises into a club, & call it ‘Punk’.(as in my photoshop job above) or even “Funk”, if you could cut the bottom of the ‘E’ to make it an ‘F’. ‘Nuke’ is another. Might also be useful for anyone called Luke, Ken or Len. But Plunket is best.

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  1. Genius.

  2. For historical record…this was our family home during the Rising. My grandfather , Pat Plunkett resided there with his wife Mary( nee Leonard) and their 3 children. My father John was born in this building on the 4th of Sept 1913. During the early stages of the Rising Pat remained in Dublin but the family moved to their grandmother’s(,Pat’s mother)in Hawkinstown Co. Meath. After the Rising the family returned to find the premises in a state of ruin. However, a note was found , part of a backing cardboard of a picture of Mary Plunkett . It transpired this was the original surrender note that was drafted by P.H.Pearse. It was not accepted by Gen Lowe who was in Command of the British forces. He requested unconditional surrender. This was drafted again and was presented to Lowe at a later stage. The original note is now in custody in the National Library.

    Brendan Plunkett

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