Miss Magazine 1965On Bull Island bridge, Dublin, this is Cavan lady, Gladys Waller, who was Miss Ireland 1965 and 2nd Runner Up in Miss World. The scan above is the cover of Miss magazine, Jan, 1966. More scans below… the white boots only 12 guineas at BT, and read why getting a puncture with the Austin 7 is not a problem, even if there is not a man in sight.


gladys miss ireland miss world runner up
Gladys, 2nd from left, 2nd runner up, Miss World 1965

austin seven dublin 1966

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  2. Meant to post this earlier, Doug, but I think Gladys turned up on the radio the night after you posted this on RTE Radio’s ‘Country Time’, …it was an outside broadcast and just before she signed off, Sandy Harsch thanked a number of people starting with a Gladys Waller who she referred to as the “ever glamorous” or something like…

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