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Man Alive – Ireland’s first magazine for men – 1974


Maybe Osama had issues 1 & 2 tucked away in his hideaway, but I have here issue 3 of Man Alive, the self proclaimed “Ireland’s first magazine for men”.
It was 1974 and it cost 40p. How much was 40p worth, back then? Well, in this same mag, a review of Captain Americas in Grafton St,  quoted the price of a quarter pound burger at 50p.
Here are a few more page scans from the mag.

manalive3girlofmonth1 girl_of_the_month
manalivekathy manalive3fashion
girl_of_the_month manalivebetterthanaverage-pic

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  1. How long did Man Alive run for?I know it rings a bell from somewhere in my distant past,either hearing about it or seeing it for sale,I was born in 1974.


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