Hot Press 1978
Hot Press 1978

I found an old Hot Press from Spring 1978 and it has a reference to NRG claiming we called Dundalk ‘the Irish city of Rubber’, a reference to Akron, Ohio (known as the ‘rubber city’), home to a then bustling music scene with Devo, the Dead Boys & Pere Ubu.

Dundalk always had a strong manufacturing tradition. Clarks shoes, Harp Larger Brewery and Carrolls cigarettes factory were the big employers back in 1978. Hence the Akron, Ohio comparison.


Some 33 years later, and the rubber tyre & Dundalk has come full circle.
I stumbled upon (via Twitter) a blog called Prickly Goo written by Ruairí, a person from Dundalk. It contained a ‘local joke for local people‘ logo which he took inspiration from an Akron, Ohio image. I like his Dundalk logo. I wonder what a 1978 version would look like. A cigarette or bottle of harp instead of the wind turbine?  Click on links above to see Ruairí’s blog & article.

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  1. “Some 33 years later, and the rubber tyre & Dundalk has come full circle…”

    Might be something in this…I remember when I first came to Dundalk and used to drive past the sign outside Paddy Bishop’s garage – Dundalk Tyres & Exhausts – on the way in and out of town.

    Only took me a few weeks around “De Town” to realise that it certainly does!

  2. Brilliant Jake! And so much better than your Bertie caption entry!

  3. Only to be expected, Doug.

    Bertie always brings out the worst in me…

  4. Hi Guys. Brill. Remember when that garage in Hill St had a dummy dressed as a bride saying “I do”…wash cars etc?!
    Am sure too, we’re all thrilled at the new Chinese in Blackrock called The Black Wok. Inspired!

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