Twenty Four pages in this very well laid out issue, still costing 30 p and with no ads. Here is a scan of the cover and a page of lists, including  to the Too late team’s favourite disco songs.  Great selection, all of them crossed over to the pop charts but almost all of them are winners, then and now, over 30 years later.

too late issue 3 assorted lists

That list included one of our favourite groups, Chic, which reminds me of an earlier gig we did in Belfast. It was changing times, NRG had now transformed into The Scheme (more on these in later posts). We were now, lets say, more sophisticated. We could play & write better….now more Siouxise/Joy Division than Pistols/Ramones. We were headlining a gig in the infamous Belfast Harp bar. SLF & the Undertones had previously played there. It was a tough gig. About 10 British Army soldiers came in to check us & the venue out just before we went on stage. The crowd were very hard core punk and they did not like our chosen pre gig music (Chic’s ‘Cest Chic’ album) at all. They became a little hostile and when we started playing we soon realised after ther first few numbers that we would have to resort to playing the older, faster & louder songs or else…. Thankfully it worked. Ah, the compromise we had to make for our art!

But back to our Too Late 3 page.  Aren’t the TV listing weird? I can’t find anything in there I really liked. TOTP in both categories? Was telly that bad then or is the list just taking the piss? Spin your head around to read Sexy’s Midnight Runners and you’ll see that only 2 of the 3 Degrees made it into the female sex symbols! Jeeez Bet Lynch too!

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