Easter 1980 & the second issue of Too Late hits the streets. Yet again 30p, no adverts and 16 pages. The handwriting is much better than issue 1, probably because I was less involved with this one. (too busy pursuing my music career)
too late issue 2 1979 cover -  Dundalk Fanzine

2 scans for you. The front cover (above) and a set of listings from the writing team of ‘reasons to be cheerful’, fave 45s & 33s & movies, hates (Sid Vicious clones!) & RIPs for the previous 12 months. ( I’ve recently wondered how obituaries will manage when Rip Torn dies!) I notice in the RIP section from the scan that NRG & Scheme & other Dundalk group Static Routines (who had a record released on Good Vibrations) had all split up by now! Even musical differences existed in 1979/80 Dundalk.
Also, let the inquest begin on some of those singles choices. Racey?
too late issue 2 1979 fave tunes etc  -  Dundalk Fanzine

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  1. just saw this site.fantastic!!!!!!!am looking for clippings,demo and recorded releases,histories,pix,plus general info on bands from irelands towns to appear in my book “WE DIDNT CONFORM” which will cover the history of punk in irish towns from 1976 to 1986.dundalk bands like nrg,static routines,legalised slaughter and MAYBE rumble will be included but need help.have just started and response nationwide has been fantastic so far.some bands like exile in the kingdom and lunatic antics even on utube.if interested please let me know as the shit is starting to hit the fan verbally and irelands TOWN PUNK story will be in print.mollo

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