Velure Gaiety Theatre 1995
Velure Gaiety Theatre 1995
Velure nightclub flyer circa 1995 gaiety theatre dublin
Velure nightclub flyer circa 1995 gaiety theatre dublin

Velure was a very popular late night club held on Saturdays at the Gaiety Theatre, Dublin between 1993 and 1998.

Doors to the club opened at 11.30 after the regular show ended and attendees had left the theatre.

Velure took place over 3 floors and offered a mix of live music, DJs, movies and more.  Unusual for that time in Dublin, it also had a late bar – available because the Gaiety had a theatre license and was allowed to serve drink after normal pub hours.

All the flyers above are from circa 1994/95.

** Read much more on Velure in my piece for Totally Dublin>> ** 

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  1. Yes, was there at the time. We’d leave Hartigan’s or the former O’Dwyer’s in Leeson St. after closing (never too early there if you knew the Mulligans, as we did) and head over. We didn’t always get in – so that was a 5-mile walk back to Churchtown if you missed the (then new) last NiteLink bus. Very few taxis, and too dear to afford. Didn’t the Olympia do a similar late-night thing as well? Or Eamonn Doran’s in Temple Bar? Even the place under Bewley’s in Westmoreland St. as well, The Bridge, or whatever? A lot of that time is pretty blurry… 🙁

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