Advert for the planned Irish Life Centre from 1977.
Colour photo by Frank Farrell, taken from Facts About Ireland book 1981 which had this to say about the building … “A section of the Irish Life Centre, Dublin, designed by the firm of Robinson, Keefe and Devane.
This modern comprehensive urban development includes offices, shops and residential units with facilities for recreation and amenity.”

Scanned by Brand New Retro

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  1. My dad’s older brother worked for Irish Life. He retired in 1977, just at the time it was opened. They were all given a tour of it, as I recall him saying, but he was gone before it officially opened for business. He was in Mespil Road in their head office before then, no idea where. I recall him saying how handy Mespil Road was back in the day, as the 7 & 8 trams, then buses, went via Haddington Rd. and it only took a half hour from Dun Laoghaire back and forth, even up to the 60s. Changed times indeed. Most peculiar, Mama.

  2. You should upload the Sunday Independent Extra supplement that appeared for 57 weeks December 20th 1987 up to January 15th 1989.

    1. Old adverts are just important as recent.


    2. In 1999 the merged with Irish Permanent Building Society.


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