Advert for LaLa Bike featuring Brush Shiels scanned by Brand New Retro from Sunday World, 22nd December, 1986

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  1. Sourced and imported at enormous expense from La La Land…

  2. “1987 will be LALA-bike year for racing”

    ‘Course it was – sure didn’t Stephen Roche use one of them on the Tour de France that he won that year?

    I’m into bikes but I never heard of them. Even Google doesn’t reveal much, although this thread from from 2004 seems to show that they were, eh… crap.

  3. Forgot to say: best wishes for 2017, DubDoug, and thanks for all you do with the blog. J.

    1. Thanks Jaykay – and all the best in 2017 to you. thanks for all the extra post info added via the comments over the years.

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