coverAll band photos scanned from the 1974 New Spotlight year book which came out in December 1973.

Compare and contrast with  the set of photos from the 1966 New Spotlight year book here.

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  1. Jack Charlton doing a fine job at the back for the Royal Blues – back in ’66 when his day job was playing soccer for England…

  2. a ringer, looks more like than Jack than Bobby. btw, Jake, when oh when are they going to take your Eurovision entry on board?

    1. Thanks, DubDoug – the dream lives on…))

  3. These photographs bring back wonderful memories of the great “Band Era” that was in Ireland in the 70’s.
    In the bottom right hand corner of the Dixies shot, is Joe O’Toole who was there lead singer then. He came to prominence when he had a group called “Joe O’Toole and The Apples” and they came second in a talent competition run by RTE. I was there on the final night and recognised that Joe had a unique talent not only as a singer, but as a song writer as well, and I became there manger the next day.

  4. Thanks Hans, good to hear from you again.

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