the-arrivals-irish-band-1966 the-plattermen-irish-band-1966 the-might-avons-irish-band-1966


All above pics scanned by Brand New Retro from the New Spotlight Annual 1967 which was published at Christmas, 1966. We’ll feature more from that annual in future weeks/months. But for now, just enjoy the cardigans.

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  1. Fantastic stuff!

    1. Thank you and Happy New Year, Europhile. The photos are fab.

  2. you can tell by the look of all those chaps that ‘the arrivals’ were the only true shaggers in that bunch.

  3. Y’know, it strikes me that most of the members of “The Arrivals” could probably walk down Grafton St. in that get-up today and wouldn’t be unduly noticed – hideous (to my eyes, anyway) cardies and tube-leg pants being generally o.k. these days.

    The other bands… not so much.

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