Irish-export-fashion-fair-1964I picked up this beautiful original hardback poster (38cm * 25cm) promoting the 1964 Irish Export Fashion Fair at the Dublin Flea last month.

More here in my Totally Dublin feature

Printed in the Republic of Ireland by Charles Doyle & Sons.
Scanned by Brand New Retro.

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  1. It’s a beautiful poster, classic design. Wasn’t the Intercontinental Hotel what subsequently became the Burlington? Jury’s was still in Dame St. in 1964.

  2. Yeah, I remember the old Jury’s being derelict for years in the 70s (like a lot of Dublin back then) and demolished about 1980. Ish. But the poster is really beautifully understated, less is more. It seems to sum up the optimism and growing confidence of that time, after all the “hopeless” years before. Lovely one for your collection, Doug.

  3. This poster is stunning, is it for sale??

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